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U. S. Denies it Gave Safe Harbor to Brian Nelson

Fr Sean Mc Manus, Irish National Congress • August 31, 2003

Capitol Hill. August 31,2003 --- The U.S. State Department has officially denied in writing that it permitted Brian Nelson to live in Florida.

Responding on behalf of Secretary of State, Colin Powell -- to a letter from Fr. Sean Mc Manus, President of the Capitol Hill-based Irish National Caucus --Ambassador Cofer Black said: "Because of his felony convictions, the State Department placed Nelson on the appropriate watch list, to deny him entry to the United States.

"He neither applied for, nor received, a waiver to enter the United States." Mr. Nelson was not legally in the United States, from the time of his release from prison, until his reported death. If he was under an assumed name, it was without the knowledge of the US government."

Fr. Mc Manus said: " I am pleased that the State Department finally answered my letter. Their answer appears to be unequivocal -- an apparent absolute denial that the US Government in any way facilitated Brian Nelson's alleged presence in the United States up
until his reported death... And notice the State Department's letter does, interestingly, use that very phrase, Nelson's ' reported death'.

Even if Nelson had been placed in the witness protection program in the US-- a possibility we had considered -- he would still have been here 'legally'(though, of course, secretly). So when the State Department's letter says 'Mr. Nelson was not legally in the United States from the time of his release from prison until his reported death', this appears to preclude that possibility... Unless,of course, the State Department is allowed to shade the truth in these matters... Could it be possible, for example, that while Nelson may not have been the United States ' from the time of his release', he could have been here some time after his release? But I do not wish to unfairly or ungraciously parse each dot and comma of the State Department's letter.

If, indeed, Nelson was ' illegally' in the United States until his reported death, then it means

  1. He came here on his own steam, which granting his high profile seems unlikely (the fact that Republicans have often done so is different because they had a vast 'sea to swim
    in', whereas Nelson would have had hardly any water to swim in); or
  2. He was placed in the United States by British intelligence without the knowledge of the US Government, something which would seem unlikely but which cannot be ruled out.

After all, it is well known that even friendly governments do all sorts of things they are not supposed to do to each other -- like spying on each other. And we do know -- don't we ? -- that the British Government did facilitate Brian Nelson in doing stuff far more grievously wrong than entering the United States illegally.

So the question remains: Did Nelson die in the United States -- if he did die --and how did he get here?

















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4 September 2003


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