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Why No Arrests? (Whose agenda are we working to)?

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TR FitzSimons • March 2005

In December, having agreed to decommissioning and the standing down of the IRA, the Republican Movement was once again witness to the Unionists pulling the plug on the GFA. Since that time events have gone over the top and overtaken common sense in Northern Ireland.

We have a bank robbery that no one has been charged with; while the Chief of Police, NI and the Minister of Justice in the Free State have named the organization responsible.

Then we have the killing of Robert McCartney in a bar brawl and once again we are told who responsible, but no charges. According to the "dogs in the street", it was done by, among others, members of the IRA and Sinn Fèin members. Catherine McCartney was quoted by the BBC as saying "this is a social justice issue...these men murdered my brother - everyone knows who they are, so they have to be held accountable. The only people who can hold them accountable are the judicial system."

The IRA conducted an investigation and expelled three of its members thought to be involved. These members have been instructed to go to the authorities and make statements and their names have been given to the McCartney family. The President of Sinn Fèin has expressed solidarity with the McCartney family, received a list of names from them, identified the Sinn Fèin members on it and handed it over to the Ombudsman’s Office. Seven members of Sinn Fèin have been suspended and the President has warned them that if they didn’t make full and truthful statements an expulsion process against them would be started. The President also stated that there should be no intimidation, people should come forward and those responsible for Robert’s death should take responsibility for their actions.

Given that some of those involved in the wrongful death of Robert McCartney were members of the wider Republican Movement this would only put responsibility on the organizations if they had ordered or sanctioned the killing and this is not the case. Do these organizations bear any more responsibility for the “off duty” actions of its members than the RUC did when one of its members killed people at the Sinn Fèin office on the Falls Road? Didn’t a High Court judge recently rule that a landlord is not responsible for the action of unruly students who happen to be his tenants? At the day, the IRA cannot, except by force or ‘illegal’ paramilitary means, make anyone do something they choose not to do. However, the McCartneys don’t want physical action taken against those involved. They want those responsible punished through the courts; as in the end is it not up to the judicial system to hold those who commit crime accountable? Recently the Taoiseach told the Dàil that Tony Blair informed him, in January, that the British Government would not co-operate further with the Barron inquiry into the 1974 Dublin and Monaghan bombings. What is the Dublin Government doing? Taking it to the European Court. Not in the McCartney case, however.

Here we have the case where the organizations, whose members were involved, doing, short of “illegal” means, the proper thing, yet those in the establishment, both political and media, have turned this from a criminal issue into a political issue – why? If everyone – the McCartney family, the Justice Minister, the Chief Constable, the Ombudsman’s Office and “the dogs in the street” - knows who’s responsible have there been no arrests or charges? Could it be that the “bashing” of the Republican Movement has a higher priority than making people accountable to the judicial system? Why does the McCartney family refer to this as a social issue and not a criminal issue? Are they not politicizing the issue by going to Dublin, involving NI politicians and, reminiscent of the Peace People and FAIT, going to Washington, DC?

So whose agenda is being worked?

The Free State political parties - who would like to stop the Sinn Fèin electoral success and fear a United Ireland.

The SDLP – who would like, once again, to be the number one Nationalist party in the north.

The Unionists parties – who would like to collapse the peace process and not share power with Republicans.

The RUC/PSNI and Judicial System – who would like to keep the pressure on and discredit the Republican Movement.

The British secrocrats and Conservatives in Britain – who are against the breaking up of the Union and an independent, unified, free, Irish Republic.


Could all of this actually have nothing to do with the death of Robert McCartney? But is, in reality, a behind the scenes, choreographed means of the Republican Movement’s Leadership riding itself of the IRA. The Leadership may feel the IRA has outlived its usefulness, has become a liability and a hindrance. They may well now feel they can dump a discredited IRA with a minimum chance of a split and charges of a “sell-out” or a further climbing down on Republican Principles…

Who authored the P. Ò Neill’s “prepared to shoot” statement and for what purpose?

Just some thoughts.





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16 March 2005

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