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Stupid White Men - A Review

'Consider this book as a mirror of what is yet to come when you're finished put it down again and commit to root out every stupid white guy from every position of power.'

John Nixon

Readers are lucky to have this book available to them given that the publishers ReganBooks, i.e. HarperCollins, i.e. Rupert Murdoch, demanded that 50% of it be changed and when refused demanded repayment of $50,000 for promising to reduce 50,000 printed copies to pulp. That's American capitalism … something for nothing and money for God's sake. Penguin Books showed enterprise and came to the rescue. The rest they say is literary history. Stupid White Men has sold more copies than any other non-fiction book in USA this year. In America Michael Moore, whose origins stem back to Cork and Tipperary, like our own Brendan Behan, gained fame and notoriety in equal dosage when he became the best banned (author) in the land of the semi-free. All this in the wake of Nine Eleven and amidst the paranoia, anger and seething vengeance against all who would dare oppose or criticise the American dream-cum-nightmare.

But as Moore observes 'In this new era of repression words are now considered as dangerous as terrorists.' Nothing new to us in Ireland who know all about suppression of expression and political opinion.

You won't need a spin doctorate to read through the lines in this book. Moore has laid bare the harsh, undeniable realities of a society that is controlled via state and corporate police, via subliminal and overt media influences, through legislative and attitudinal discrimination and all done in the name of justice, freedom and opportunity in the land of the semi-free. This is America, WASPs and all. A land where every men (and woman) still carries the stupid white man's burdens. Corrupt politicians who sell political privilege for money. Brown envelopes are big in America and the great and the good are also corrupted by the blood red tide of greed and ambition they know.

Moore clinically unravels America's darkened soul and calls on his readers to commit themselves to purging those who would deny the awful truth that is the reality of 21st century America. This is Bush's America. Ever ready for war, determined to exact vengeance and desperate for oil. This is the America of classroom massacres and gaols bulging with black people. It is the land of greed and money that spawns creatures like Michael Jackson and Eminem. This is America where the Civil War hasn't gone away you know. A land of dis-enfranchised coloured people. A population of 200 million where 154 million did not vote for Bush. But Moore isn't whinging about the state of America. He is exposing its dark underbelly.

In Stupid White Men he offers a valuable blueprint for a better future for all. He explains how it can be achieved. He urges action and he advocates people self-empowerment. He is constructively radical. His book should be adapted to British and Irish situations, bought and distributed by the powers that be and to all able-minded citizens free of charge. It's no alternative for revolution but it could prevent one.




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9 March 2003


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