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If Looks Could Kill

Sean Smyth • 4 November 2004

'Look! That’s your man - what’s his name? …Micky Stone', shouted a work colleague on Friday morning, as we opened our office for business in Castle Street, Belfast. 'Don’t let him see you looking', she said, 'but Micky Stone is standing out side the solicitors.' We all turned to look. Blurry-eyed, we glance through the plate glass window over the street at this figure standing side-on and dressed in black with dark greying hair tied back in the usual pony tail, and dark sunglasses resting on his forehead. From a distance of fifty feet or so it did indeed look like the notorious Michael Stone, the loyalist killer who won infamy for attacking the republican funerals of Dan McCann, Seàn Savage and Married Farrell, the IRA volunteers killed on active service in Gibraltar and who were being laid to rest in Milltown Cemetery.

As I went for a closer look the dark figure stepped inside the solicitor’s office. The reaction of some of my colleagues was not surprising and there was certainly no love lost in their feelings towards him.

The more they talked about him the more the anger grew within them. 'How dare that bastard come into Castle Street' - as we debated whether or not it was him. I decided to approach him when he came out and ask if he would be interviewed for the Blanket. My colleagues were astonished and stood in disbelief as I made my way over Castle Street to where 'Michael Stone' standing. When I got to within twenty feet I realised that it was not Stone. Disappointed, I introduced myself to the Stone look-alike and had a brief conversion and made my way back to the office some what disappointed. But my work colleagues and I learnt a valuable lesson - that if looks could kill we would have committed murder before lunch.

























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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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4 November 2004

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