Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it, misdiagnosing it
and then misapplying the wrong remedies.
- Groucho Marx


The Intergalactic Communist League (ICL)
by Cliff Robertson

Our starting point is the death agony of the capitalist mode of production. In 1938, the productive forces ceased to grow. The capitalist social relations of production had already been a fetter on the development of the productive forces for some time, but that year the objective contradictions of the capitalist mode of production had reached a critical stage. The necessity of socialism had never been so evident.

The Bourgeoisie cannot find any solution to the generalised crisis of the capitalist mode of production. So civilisation degenerated into fascism and war. Today, the imperialist bourgeoisie and all the other factions of the capitalist class threaten humanity with the possibility of nuclear war.

But in the overall balance of forces, the Revolutionary forces of the Proletariat remained desperately very weak at an international level. As Trotsky put it, the main problem is a crisis of leadership. Given the weakness of the Revolutionary Communist forces, Capitalism will inevitably degenerate into nuclear war.

However, the Intergalactic Communist League (ICL) sees some hope. Over the years, UFOs have been spotted across different national social and economic formations over the world. Across the five stages of human of human development, the observation of UFOs has been uneven and combined. But, armed with the science of Marxism Leninism based on materialist dialectics, we can confidently assert that there is a rational kernel in what petit-bourgeois idealists and empiricists call "extra terrestrial life". However if this phenomenon is to be explained materialistically, we have to call it the "extra-terrestrial mode of production". The ICL can confidently assert that this "extra terrestrial mode of production" is what we call fully developed communism. If extra terrestrials have sufficient technology to come on earth, this means that their level of development of their productive forces is highly developed. And if they have come in peace, it means that they have reached a higher stage of social development.

What is to be done ? At its 64th world congress, the ICL has decided the future of human civilisation depended on the following:

* Either extra-terrestrial comrades come to earth, and take the proletariat in their spaceship before capitalist doomsday, which is uncertain,
* Or comrades, on the basis of democratic centralism board a space shuttle (just in time before capitalist nuclear holocaust) and explore the cosmos in search of extra-terrestrial social and economic formations.
* In the long term, after the asserted mutual destruction of the capitalist classes through nuclear warfare, the comrades will come back to earth and start a socialist civilisation from scratches.

We urge the Proletariat to rush to their telescope and observe the cosmos!

The extraterrestrial comrades are coming!



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