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In Response To John Kerry: the Wrong Choice

A point by point response to the recent article "John Kerry: The Wrong Choice on November 2nd" by Patrick Hurley

Saerbhreathach Mac Toirdealbhaigh • 30 October 2004

On the Dick Cavett Show, June 30th, 1971, John Kerry, in his self appointed role of foreign policy sage, was asked his opinion as to what would occur if the U.S. withdrew from Southeast Asia.

Don't many people, especially many Americans feel it is their personal duty to speak out against what they believe is a great wrong against humanity? Your article has just begun and you've already overlooked what I believe is an important humanitarian characteristic...

After the U.S. withdrawal, millions died in the communist purges, which followed in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos. Whole ethnic groups were eliminated. There were 1.4 million refugees. Tens of thousands of Boat People died on the high seas.
Substitute “Iraq” for “Vietnam” and a horrifying scenario presents itself: Do we really want John Kerry directing the War on Terror and dictating U.S. foreign policy???

So now you're blaming the United States' abandonment of an ill-advised, ill-executed, great disaster on John Kerry, a man who simply served when his country called for him and in the spirit of his country spoke out when he believed it was participating in something contrary to greatness? What exactly makes John Kerry more responsible than the Vietnamese, John Kennedy, Henry Kissinger, Lyndon Johnson, Richard Nixon and those actually in positions of power in Washington, let alone the World?

He was complicit in the appeasement and negligence of the Clinton years, which bequeathed us September 11th.

I can not believe even Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, or Ashcroft would dare publically accuse President Bill Clinton of being responsible for September 11th 2001 and yet here you are doing it in a very unclever way. How dare you Sir. If you believe anyone in the World hates the United States, take a honest look throughout the entire history to discover why... Attempting to blame a single person is pure idiocy.

It is obviously a revelation to Kerry that war is an unpredictable business. In December 1944, during the Battle of the Bulge, when the Allies were temporarily pushed on the defensive, is there any doubt that Senator Kerry and his ilk would have been clamoring for a U.S. retreat from Europe???

It's amazing that you would make such an argument against a war veteran whilst supporting a war dodger... And don't attempt to offer that the Vietnam Conflict was a "police action" not a "war", because to those men and women involved it was most definately War. Not to overlook that every single military engagement is incredibly individual, what worked in World War One, would prove unsuccessful in the Second World War, what may have won battles in Korea, may prove to be failures in Vietnam, etc. Your analogy is weak, much like your arguments thus far.

Earth to John Kerry! In every UN, Allied or Coalition effort since December 7th 1941, Korea, Vietnam, the Gulf, the Balkans, etc. the United States has shouldered 95% of the burden, both in terms of manpower and resources. Our consistent, reliable allies have always been the United Kingdom and Australia. Without America, it just does not happen. We are the only game in town!

Does that make those situations any more right, correct or successful? No, it does not. Quite the contrary.

On Saturday last, Congressman Peter King, having just returned from Iraq, told a group of Irish Americans at a Yonkers gathering that the evidence on the ground overwhelmingly indicates the U.S. is winning the war in Iraq. Shock! Three quarters of Iraq is taking the first steps towards democracy and prosperity in an atmosphere of relative normality.

As Irish Americans with the whole of Irish History available to them, they should take such sweeping positive biased statements for what they are: One sided propaganda, distortions of the actual truth.

Although all our soldiers’ lives are sacred, and one death is one death too many, the brutal, yet, welcome, reality is that at 700 combat casualties, the United States is achieving this victory at a very low price.

Without getting into questioning the truth of the number you've provided, let's focus on one thing : 700 American Lives are consider a "low price" in your opinion. That sort of disregard for human existence is absolutely disgusting. How dare you?

In the spring of 1944, while preparing for the European invasion, seven hundred Allied troops were killed in a single training exercise on Slapton Sands, southern England. On D Day itself, the 82nd Airborne lost close to 500 men in one hour, capturing a single causeway. In the early 1990s, approximately 2000 New Yorkers, a year, were being murdered on the watch of Kerry supporter, Mayor David Dinkins. And of course, on 9/11, after eight years of Clintonian negligence, we lost 3,000 Americans in one day

So how many lives are a "low cost" in your opinion and how many are serious great loss of life? Where were you during these events?

His four-month Vietnamese combat tour is shrouded in enough doubts to raise serious negative implications about his character. These doubts could easily be resolved if he was to follow Dubya’s lead and authorize the release of all pertinent files.

"Follow Dubya's lead"... so Kerry should have evaded actually going to Vietnam and instead stayed home?

When Kerry returned from Vietnam, he became a prominent member of a radical anti war group, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, a group, which seriously considered assassinating members of Congress.

Provide crystal clear proof of this allegation please.

In denigrating U.S. servicemen and testifying to fabricated war crimes before Congress, Senator Kerry gave “aid and comfort” to the enemy. His words and actions were used by NVA torturers to demoralize American POWs, like Senator John McCain. They seriously undermined the war effort and increased debilitating societal divisions on the domestic front.

Do you have concrete evidence to prove that the alleged war crimes were "fabricated"? Why would people lie about this? Do you believe whilst in Vietnam thrown into a war they knew little about they were magically brainwashed by the people they were told were the enemy?

The war effort was destroyed by its own weakness and the truth.

For a nation that is in the grips of a gargantuan struggle with Islamo fascism, it would be criminally negligent and grossly irresponsible to put a whinging, indecisive, defeatist in the office of commander in chief. It would be an odious betrayal of our nation and everything for which it stands.

When did the United States leaders EVER say they were in conflict with any sort of Islamic or Facist enemy? Sounds to me like your taking your own prejudices, assumptions and racism, applying to people that best suit your own sick agenda.

Stop using the name of the United States of America to further your own intolerance and hate... you don't represent us all and you never will.




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31 October 2004

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