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Fight Against American Hyper-Imperialism And Oppression

Sean Matthews

It's about time people realise the true face of the US Administration. The US is the biggest threat to world peace and stability, as it is clearly attempting to dominate the world Economically, Politically and Strategically. The US is in control of 3/4 of the world's financiers, effectively condeming millions to utter poverty, capitalist exploitation and inhumanitarian conditions. It is not all black and white as some people may think and we must all read between the lines and realise that the Bush Administration is conspiring to a 'hidden agenda' which is about oppression, racism, injustice and finally colonialism in all forms including dictating peoples lives both mentally and pycologically, and their future destinies. These warmongers and aggressors are attempting to reshape a new world order by taking out pieces and putting in 'puppet' governments such as Afghanistan and now Iraq which suit their own Economic/Strategic interests. Who will be next? They are using the cover of fighting so called 'terrorism' in order to maintain and protect their power base throughout the world and to further their aggressive Economic aims which includes Occupation, domination and capitalist exploitation. This Crusade by the US administration is dangerous and must be resisted and rejected to prevent it from broadening its grip on world affairs.

The US has consistently opposed the important human rights initiatives of the UN by voting against a declaration that education, work, healthcare, proper nourishment, and national development are human rights. The World Trade Organisation and International Monetary Fund are major instruments for maintaining American 'neo-imperialism' and oppressing the Third World. According to Andrew Sims, head of the Global Economic programme at NEF, 'As a consequence of American policies, in a single day under globalisation, poor countries lose nearly $2b due to rigged international trade, 30,000 children die from preventable diseases, and $60m drains from poor to rich countries in debt.' In 1998 alone, the US had economic sanctions against 75 countries, accounting for 52% of the world's population. The selfish nature of the US is vividly highlighted in the amount of foreign aid it gives to the poor countries; between 1995 and 1999 the US gave between $6 and $9 billion with nearly 80% of it going directly in the hands of American Firms developed throughout the world. As former US president Jimmy Carter once said,"we are the stingiest nation of all". The US donates just 0.1% of its Gross national product compared to Demark 1.01%, Norway 0.91%, Sweden, 0.7%, which all eradicates the myth that the US is a generous nation. The three richest Americans have all the wealth of the 25 poorest nations combined.

The US has the largest stockpiles of nuclear weapons and still attempts to coerce other countries to sign and ratify - yet has itself singlemindedly refused to sign - the Comprehensive nuclear test ban treaty, and refused to renounce the first strike use of nuclear weapons. It also has the biggest stockpile of smallbox, anthrax. and other biological weapons and has consistently refused to sign the UN initiative, banning chemical weapons.

The US Administration's new strategy of 'Regime Change' like Iraq, to implement its Economic interests must be totally rejected by all right thinking people as there is a lot of hypocrisy and contradiction in this policy. For example, the Saudi Arabian government which is a key ally of the US enforces degrading and inhuman measures on its people. There is also solid evidence to suggest that there are some key elements within the Saudi Regime who are actively supporting Al-Quaida, which has been illustrated recently by the investigative documentary Correspondent and other Channel 4 documentaries in the past. In terms of September 11, 15 of the 19 highjackers were Saudi Nationals which strengthens the case that there is a lot of contradiction in US foreign policy as allegedly Saudi Arabia habours so called 'terrorists'. However, their is a reason for this total hypocrisy which is that the Saudis are a key factor in securing the US Economic interests in the region as Saudi Arabia sits on 3/4 of the world's oil reserves.

The US administration are co-responsible for the inhuman war crimes committed against the un-protected Palestinian people and still continues to support them with tools of oppression in order to carry out these acts of terror. The Zionist fascism has subjected thousands of Palestinians to Nazi style brutality including daily illegal dismantling of homes, forced eviction, murder, bombing, torture, slavery - and the list goes on and on. Finally, they have committed and still do, crimes against humanity such as Jenin Refugee camp using tools from US Imperialism. Yet, the apartheid Regime fails to abide by over 72 UN resolutions. Why are they allowed to get away with this refusal to abide? The answer lies solely on Bush and his thugs. The fact of the matter is that Zionist colonialism would not be able to maintain its illegal occupation over Palestine without military and financal aid from the US.

The US since its their Economic blockade of Iraq has systematically caused the deaths of over 1 million Iraqis which is fact as it has been highlighted in various reports by many human rights organisations. You could be here all year highlighting US imperialism operating throughout the world both Politically and Economically for their own selfish interests such as Colombia, Indonesia, Israel, Kuwait, Somalia, Turkey etc.

How many September 11's has the US authorities committed across the world? Answer; Too many to name! The only threat to US national security is the Bush administration and its foreign aggressive aims which is totally de-stabilizing the world and has the potential to start off another World War. This monster which is growing, increasing and expanding must be rejected by everyone and must not be allowed to develop into total world domination. British Imperialism was or is never tolerated whether in Ireland or in other countries by various resistant movements and so imperialism should never be tolerated in the form of today's superpower- America. Everybody, must make a committed and dignified stand against American Imperialism throughout the world today! Onwards to Human Liberation!




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26 January 2003


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Fight Against American Hyper-Imperialism and Oppression

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