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A Snapshot of Gerry Fitt


Fr Sean Mac Manus • 23 August 2005

I met Gerry Fitt once.

In 1979 I did a TV show in Belfast with him, Rev. Ian Paisley, Jim Molyneux and, I think, the then leader of the Alliance Party.

It was about the efforts of the Irish National Caucus to promote an "Irish Peace Forum" in Washington, hosted by the Ad Hoc Congressional Committee For Irish Affairs, "to which all parties could come without preconditions or compromise".

Fitt and the others attacked the concept of the Forum, and attacked me and the Irish National Caucus.

After the show, Paisley hurried off so as not to have to shake my hand (although in later years he has shaken my hand several times). When I shook Fitt's hand, he beamed, leaned into me and said "Ah, Jaysus, Sean, it's great to meet you. You are doing great work in Washington."

I laughed and said to him, "Gerry, why didn't you say that on TV?" He smiled, did his trademark shrug and said, "You know how it is here." He then winked and ambled off.

May he rest in peace.





























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29 August 2005

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