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Jimmy Sands • 9 May 2004

As you will be aware, last month saw the publication of a report by the so-called Independent Monitoring Commission ("SCIMC"), which has dealt yet another blow to the faltering Good Friday Agreement ("FGFA"). The report was a farrago of scurrilous, accurate and extremely damaging accusations against the IRA, an organisation whose members our reporters have conclusively proved, all retired in 1994. Nevertheless, securocrats (© RM 1970 plc) continue to peddle the myth that the organisation has been involved in punishment beatings and organised crime. These allegations have been conclusively proven to be false by our reporters who have scoured the community looking for anyone who might have made such a suggestion to the authorities. Everyone to whom we spoke denied being the source, some indeed finding the suggestion so ludicrous that it caused momentary loss of bowel control when one of our community outreach teams visited their homes. It is clear that the stories have no basis in fact. If this were not enough, they have gone on to suggest that the IRA is in some way linked to Sinn Fein, Ireland's leading civil rights organisation. The fact that both organisations have denied this is conveniently ignored. This lie has been used as an excuse to punish Sinn Fein.

This community has known dark days in the past. We have suffered house burnings, plastic bullets and internment, but never yet have we had to endure the wanton cruelty of our MLAs being denied their stationary expenses. On behalf of the nationalist people of the North of Ireland we say to Mr. Blair, you have gone too far. Make no mistake, the absence of riots over this is a testament to the restraint of our people, the city is nevertheless a seething cauldron of anger on the office expenses issue.

You, the ordinary folk of West Belfast are no doubt asking yourself what you can do. In the words of that great revolutionary Bobby Sands everyone, republican or otherwise has their part to play. For most of you, that will involve giving us your money. Our community operatives will be passing among you for donations on "Red Handed Day". Ten pounds will buy a new hole punch, a hundred will buy a motability sticker, a thousand will pay a week's mortgage on one of the party's residential research centres in Donegal. Forgot your wallet? Never mind, we can make home visits too. You can also help by supporting local businesses, many of whom will be donating a portion of their profits to the movement.

How long will this go on? As long as it takes to put these "gangsterism" accusations to rest.

Colombia: An Apology

Over the last few years, Caribbean Sinn Fein in common with many other republican organisations may have inadvertently insinuated that the Colombian Court system was not all it could be. Stories such as "FARC you Colombia" and "Anti-Imperialists Slam Dago Justice" may have led the unsuspecting reader to conclude that the Court system in that country was corrupt and unreliable. We are happy to correct any misapprehension we may have created, and wish to stress that in our view the Courts of that Great Nation are temples of justice, presided over by saintly individuals possessed of the wisdom of Solomon himself. We would like to take this opportunity of reminding those enemies of the peace process who insist on harping on about the passport charges, that one of the cardinal principles of the GFA is to allow Irishmen of all traditions to embrace whatever identity they choose.

Catriona Ruin
Keenan's Folly
Co. Armagh







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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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13 May 2004


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