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Splits and Distortions?


George Young • 16 March 2004

I am reliably informed that cracks are starting to appear in the relationship between Sinn Fein and the more hardline elements within the Provisionals.

I'm told that one of the better known members of Sinn Fein, an ex- Provo commander himself, and a few of his supporters, had a rather serious dust up, with one of the newer and younger commanders and his crew in the Felon's Club.

The cause of this altercation?

Well, there are various reasons.

One is the "Big Lad's" continuous denials of ever having been a member of the IRA.
Now, whether the run of the mill Joe on the street actually believes this or not is neither here nor there, but I would think that the younger members of the Provos, who have grown up worshipping the ground that he and other members of his party walk on, would find it slightly demeaning that he denies ever having been a member of their organization.

You have to wonder why the "Big Fella" continues with these assertions when he admits to meeting with former British minister, William Whitelaw, as far back as 1972, as part of a republican delegation which former IRA Chief of Staff, Sean MacStiofan claims were all members of the IRA.

You also have to consider what the political ramifications would be for him if any former PIRA member were to break their Italian style Omerta code. (Perhaps thats the reason why they wear Armani suits.)

But, when I think about it, he would probably do exactly what Sinn Fein have always done in the past when confronted about anything, and immediately point the accusing finger at their adversary, as with Bertie Ahern ("He has a political axe to grind") and Monsignor Denis Faul ("He has been anti-republican for the last thirty years") which really answers nothing but distorts people's perception of their accuser.

Secondly, and probably the real reason for the altercation is the political fallout which has descended on their party with regard to the Civilian Administration Department.

These are the people of whom I had spoken in a previous article, who rearrange peoples hairstyles and take them for short journeys in their van.

You know what I mean, your basic Nazi Stormtrooper, type of people. A sort of Provisional Gestapo.

Political opponents on both sides of the border have been lining up to take potshots at the Shinners about the relationship between their party and the C.A.D (All the old British Brigadiers would love that abbreviation.) So, I have to wonder why the relationship between them has up to now stayed intact.

Is it the case that the coffers of Sinn Fein are benefitting from the criminal activities of this group, i.e: The drug dealing, extortion, hijacking and robbery, not to mention the punishment attacks on fellow republicans.

I wouldn't like to think so, but so long as the relationship exists, their adversaries will gain political capitol at their expense and their credibility as The political party of republicans and nationalists will suffer.

So, hopefully, this is the first signs of a rift between the two, and as long as it does not lead to bloodshed on the streets of West Belfast and heralds a return by Sinn Fein to republican socialist ideals, I for one, will not be raising any objections.














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- George Bernard Shaw

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19 March 2004


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