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The True Face of a One-Eyed Jack

Link to Documentary of John Kerry’s anti-American Hanoi visits

Interviews with Viet Nam POW's who witnessed Kerry and Jane Fonda on multiple visits to the prisons with their Hanoi captors, attempting to demoralize the prisoners and have them accept Hanoi’s positions.


Richard Wallace • 30 October 2004

John Kerry and Jane Fonda were the driving force in the demonization of American soldiers who were sent to Viet Nam to fight. What John Kerry did to propagandize and demonize America during the Viet Nam war, he is doing today with the Irag war. They did so much damage to public opinion in that era, that even today a Viet Nam veteran is ashamed to wear his uniform. Even today you can find a Viet Nam vet begging for change in any city in America with a sign saying he is a vet; even today people walk past them and look down in contempt. That is what John Kerry and Jane Fonda did to America.

John Kerry and Jane Fonda were anti-American then, and John Kerry is anti-American now; no word from Jane Fonda lately.

Many people are anti-Bush throughout the world, in large part, because of the lies, distortions, and innuendo being voiced by John Kerry as he attempts every device he learned when demonizing Viet Nam to demean Bush and America in his attempt to gain the highest office of this land.

There is no doubt in my mind what he would do if he ever succeeded in being elected President. The damage he has already caused America is so extensive and widespread he should be in prison for treason. The behavior he is currently exhibiting toward America and its image world-wide is contemptible and treasonous. John Kerry will say and do anything to win. He is morally bankrupt; he is without portfolio; he is in the enemy camp.

Bush may be perceived to be bad; and he may well be all the terrible things being attributed to him; but Kerry has not begun to show the other side of his One-Eyed-Jack face. John Kerry will show you a side that he is only beginning to put forth, but at a very cautious rate. At least Bush says what he means, and means what he says.

How do you destroy America? Ask John Kerry; undermine the things that make America great. Our free enterprise system is under massive attack by John Kerry, in his office of Senator; our war effort is under constant attack in his bid for the presidency.

Kerry is calling on higher taxes for the rich and for corporate America. He fails to tell you that when taxes go up; or large monetary penalties are issued against big business; you pay more for that pair of shoes; that suit; that car. The proof of this statement is the price of cigarettes today. Before the large court judgments cigarettes were under $2.00 a pack. Today they cost about $7.50 a pack.

In this world, the consumer pays for everything! Raise business taxes and the cost is passed on to the consumer. Raise individual taxes and you take home less money and buy less. How elementary is that? Destroy our power base and you destroy America.

It is America’s economic power that is the true power of our American military. John Kerry, and others of his ilk, has corporate America in their cross-hair sites. Without a powerful American economy (that means a powerful corporate America; that means a powerful big business) there will be no powerful American military. John Kerry is behind the attacks on off-shore tax havens; he wants to eliminate financial privacy; he wants to destroy American business, and hence American power. He wants to destroy the power of American military by destroying its economic support base.

When you hear Kerry railing against tax breaks for the rich, he is working toward his agenda to destroy American power. When you hear him say that the rich pay less than the poor in taxes, he is practicing the science of Ad Hominem Fallacy. He is trying to divide America from within; just as his Anglo-Saxon controllers taught him. When Obama made his impromptu speech about America not being liberal, or conservative, or black, or white, or Hispanic, but a United States of America with all people working together, he was slapping John Kerry in the face. Obama is a breath of fresh air.

John Kerry’s strategy to get elected is the old tired Democratic method of dividing groups against groups; a method they have learned from their Anglo-Saxon masters. Obama speech went in the face of this; Obama spoke from his heart.

A vote for Kerry is a vote against America and everything America stands for.




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31 October 2004

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