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Statement from the family of Knife Murder Victim Mark 'Mousey' Robinson


Robinson Family, Derry • 10 March 2005

We wish to put on public record our view that the family of Bart Fisher have suffered as a result of his actions and the recent media coverage involving their son and brother but their anguish pales into insignificance compared to the hurt that our family has suffered in the four years since Mark's brutal killing on a dark pathway in the dead of night.

It gives us no pleasure to issue this statement but we feel we have a duty to fight for justice for our son and brother. We have remained silent for too long and it is our desire to get justice for Mark. It is not our desire to, in any way, put any further strain on the Fisher family. We haven't done that in four years and we do not intend to do it in the future.

The person responsible for bringing this media attention is Bart himself, not the families of his victims.

Bart Fisher is a convicted killer who has openly boasted of killing our son and brother Mark. This begs the question, why would an innocent person do something like this? We received the following answer when members of our wider family circle asked members of the Provisional movement: we were told that because Bart was being accused of it so much, he admitted it. Some logic?

If Bart felt he was being accused in the wrong then why didn't he contact our family, even through intermediaries, to discuss the allegations against him? He didn't.

Instead he openly boasted in the street about how he plunged a knife into Mark. In fact he shouted it out for all to hear, he didn't care who heard. His admission of guilt was heard by Margarate Devine, wife of Derry hungerstriker Micky, who has already described what she was confronted with when she returned from work one evening and even had a gun put to her head by Bart's comrades in the PIRA.

The Provisional IRA has so far failed to contact the family to discuss our concerns despite it being public knowledge for four years that rogue members of their organization were being accused of this brutal knife killing within weeks of the killing happening.

Our family has suffered the indignity of a whispering campaign of innuendo that was engineered by people associated with Bart and the PIRA in a vain and desperate attempt to cover up and divert attention away from his crimes. The clean-up operation, similar to the clean-up in the McCartney case, began immediately. Evidence was destroyed and witnesses threatened.

Mark's killers and their associates launched a vicious character assassination campaign against a dead youth who could not defend himself. This campaign of lies and innuendo is not going away lightly but we as a family have the will and desire to bring this to an end and for the truth to be brought to light.

There was a lot of talk at yesterday's Fisher family press conference about due process and the courts; no such luxury was afforded to Mark. Instead he suffered the indignity of being attacked from behind whilst walking home from a friend's home late at night. He, like DeDe McGinley and Robert McCartney, was killed in a knife attack by criminals.

We welcome the statement from the IRPWA that criminals should not be housed in the segregated wing of Maghaberry prison. Bart Fisher is a criminal, convicted of a criminal offence, he was tried and convicted in a criminal court and it is an affront to the men and women inside and on the outside who campaigned for political status that the prisoners are being forced into an unacceptable situation.

Members of our family stood on the pickets during the last number of years in support of the prisoners in their fight for political recognition and for seperate accomadation within the prison. It is unfortunate that criminals such as Bart Fisher have been able to twist the system within Maghaberry and discredit that hard fought campaign. Bart Fisher should immediately be removed to the criminal section of Maghaberry prison to serve out the remainder of his meagre sentence.

Bart's family, despite being fully aware of the allegations against him for the last four years since May 2001, have never once shown any concern for our family and our plight. Do they even know the details of what happened to Mark on the night he was attacked? He was attacked from behind in the dead of night. He had an iron bar rammed into the back of his head and had a twelve inch dagger plunged into his leg with such force that it actually broke his thigh bone. This knife was brought down on Mark's leg from a height as Mark was lying on the ground after being attacked from behind with an iron bar as he walked home on a dark lane. He was then left to die in a dark pathway in the dead of night. These certainly weren't the actions of upstanding pillars of the community.

One member of our family was told by a representative of the Republican Movement, a former Blanketman who is now involved in the security industry, in the days following the attack on Mark and before there was any evidence of PIRA involvement, that the PIRA had indeed launched an investigation into his brutal knife killing. Indeed so repulsed by the attack on Mark that this person actually said that whoever killed Mark, in his words, "should be put down a hole".

We are now calling on the PIRA to furnish our family with the results of their own investigation into the killing.

Yesterday's claims that there is CCTV footage exonerating Bart from being near the scene of Mark's killing is a lie. We are aware of information that proves otherwise. The PSNI have informed us that they are not aware of CCTV footage exonerating Bart being in existence. Dodgy CCTV evidence, mentioned after four years, is the latest desperate attempt by those associated with Bart Fisher to cover up for his vile crimes against Mark and against this community.





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16 March 2005

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