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Death of Barbara Reilly

The Clinton family, Downpatrick • May 7, 2003

This past weekend Barbara Reilly of Staten Island, New York died after sustaining a massive heart attack. Through the 1980s and 90s Barbara and her husband Bill were to the fore in organising holidays for the children of Irish political prisoners. They opened their own home to the chidren and gave their time and energy to ensure that the children of all Irish political prisoners, and not a selected few, were catered for.

Barbara and Bill were to the fore in ensuring that the children of Republican Socialist prisoners would recieve the same holiday entitlement as others. The Reilly family have been great supporters of the struggle in Ireland for many years and long before it became fashionable. Barbara's commitment never wavered. Our struggle has produced many heroes and even more unsung heroes, and Barbara and Bill Reilly are right up there with the best of the unsung.

Our two sons spent several summer holidays in the Reilly home and to say that Barbara and Bill became like second parents to them is not a cliche. They became good friends to us all and here in Downpatrick we mourn greatly the tragic death of our friend. We will remember the good times. We will remember all that Barbara did for our POWs and their families. We will especially remember that she was that rarest of things, a really good person. To Bill and their son Sean we extend our heartfelt sympathy. Nothing at this time will ease your loss but hopefully you come to know that in Ireland two boys, who have become men, love and miss her as they would their Mother.
















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I have spent
many years of my life
in opposition, and
I rather like the role.
- Eleanor Roosevelt

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8 May 2003


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