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A Single Palestine


Peter Urban, IRSP • 5 November 2004

I was surprised to read Professor Todd May's article in the Blanket on the subject of Palestine, because given his credentials, I would have thought that he would be aware that advocacy of a single, secular state of Palestine has been consistently advanced by what is perhaps the third largest organisation (after Hamas and Fatah) of the Palestinian people.

I am referring to the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, perhaps the most revolutionary of the main Palestinian organisations, especially since the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine retreated from its past positions and opened up dialogue with the Zionists. The PFLP has long opposed the two-nation approach embraced by Fatah and most of the other component groups within the Palestine Liberation Organisation and instead advocated a single state of Palestine; secular, democratic and socialist for both the Palestinians and the Jews.

Were the traditional territories of Palestine re-assembled immediately and the Palestinians in the diaspora to return to their nation, the democratic will of the people would easily keep in check the racism and religious sectarianism of the Zionists and provide the basis for the harmony that marked relations between the Arab and Jewish peoples prior to the Zionist aggression and the resulting establishment of a Zionist state in Palestine.

It is too often forgotten (and Zionist propaganda claiming that the two peoples have always been bitter enemies aims at assisting this forgetting) that when the Europeans drove both the Moslems and the Jews from the Iberian peninsula, it was the Ottoman Empire that provided them with sanctuary. In fact, the history of Islam is filled with important contributions from the Jews, who not uncommonly rose to leading positions within the state, as well as being widely respected for their contributions in many other fields.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has long voiced its support for the position of the PFLP, recognising that the continued partition of Palestine can no more provide a way forward for the peoples of that region than the continued partition of Ireland can provide a way forward for both the Irish and British communities resident on the island of Ireland. As the IRSP seek for Ireland, the PFLP advocate a future for Palestine built on ending partition, separation of church and state, increased democracy, including the wielding of political power by the working class who represent the vast majority of the people, and the overturning of capitalism which, in the era of imperialism, undermines national sovereignty.

The acceptance of a two-nation resolution to the conflict between the Jews and Arabs in Palestine by Fatah should be seen for what it was and is, an unworkable attempt to compromise with Zionism, which is unsupportable for its acquiescence to the reactionary agenda of the Zionists and surrender of the rights of the Palestinian people, which would permanently impede their ability to genuinely exercise national sovereignty.








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