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Prevent the Bush Turkey Shoot

Davy Carlin

'War on Iraq could set the Arab world against the west,' so stated a leading Roman Catholic church leader. This questioning of the almost certain attack on Iraq is being reflected across the broad spectrum. From church to trade unionists to politicians and social activists, with growing majorities of people opposed to any attack, this both at home and internationally.

George Bush states he wants the removal of Saddam Hussian both because he may have weapons of mass destruction and because he is a tyrant. Yet the support the US provides for Israel in its repression of the Palestinians or the support the American government has given Saudi Arabia whose dictatorship is seen by many as more repressive than that of Iraqis, shows not a contradiction but the reality of their foreign policy direction for US interests.

Despite George Bush's rhetoric, the actual reasoning for an attack on Iraq is twofold. Firstly to attempt to assert their dominance within that region in order to demonstrate US power, and in doing so warn other nations of their superiority, so sending a clear message to any potential rivals. Secondly for both economic and strategic reasons in relation to both oil and the placing of a compliant leadership in Iraq who would do the US bidding in the region.

Both the West and the US supported Saddam in the 1980s while he was gassing Iraqi kurds - yet they did nothing. Why? because of his recent war on and his opposition to Iran - an enemy of the US. The US were also at the time both funding and providing weaponry for him. Life of the innocent meant nothing for US interests then and it will mean nothing to them now - what matters is the development of their set agenda.

That in part is why, unlike the Gulf War, most nations now are not offering any support for this US directive. So now George Bush in seemingly going to attempt to court allies to give illusions of a coalition before he attacks. From having discussions at home on US soil, to possibly seeking a UN resolution for setting a deadline for the return of weapons inspectors to Iraq, he now, through his advisors and diplomats, his programme is one of attempting to construct a perception of wide spread endorsement.

Bush will also use bullying tactics to Arab states, while employing 'sweeteners' and veiled threats (more so economically) to others to force a coalition. Despite this there is growing international opposition to the oncoming attacks, with real fears in Arab states of possible rebellion of their peoples against any attack on Iraq.

So once again as in all wars it will be the innocent who suffer. The 'Bush cause' of this almost certain war will leave many thousands of civilians dead - men, women and children - while creating massive instability across the Middle East. The sheer brutality of the last war on Iraq including the massacre on the road to Basra where human lives were referred to as 'a turkey shoot' and the imposed sanctions after the war which has lead to the deaths of hundreds of thousands more, show that we need to send a clear message through speech, thought and mobilizations of people -simply that 'this war will not be waged in our name'.






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Openly questioning the way the world works and challenging the power of the powerful is not an activity customarily rewarded.
- Dale Spender

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12 September 2002


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