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Giving Political Leadership

Liam O Ruairc 12.12.02

The last few weeks have seen more symptoms of the crisis of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement with Stormont once again being suspended. In the South, the referendum saw the victory of the Nice Treaty, with the promise of more problems for the Irish working class. There is a danger that Republican Socialists end up simply reacting to events. What is important is to have a long term strategic vision that enables us to clearly understand what is to be done. The fundamental task of Republican Socialists is not so much opposing the Good Friday Agreement or the effects of the Nice Treaty, but to give political leadership to the different struggles of the working class that will emerge in the coming weeks, months and years. This cannot be done without building the party, without forming the vanguard.

The working class is compelled by objective circumstances to struggle against various problems: exploitation on building sites, resisting the introduction of water rates, fighting drug dealers, attacks by Loyalists etc. If the working class will certainly engage in those issues, spontaneous actions and reactions to those problems are in themselves not sufficient to transform Irish society. A long term strategy, policies, directions to do so will not emerge spontaneously out of those struggles. This is even more true when one takes into account that there is an uneven level of political consciousness among our people, and that the working class cannot afford to be constantly in struggle 24 hours a day seven days a week. Political leadership can only come from a political party, whose advanced strategic understanding of the concrete situation enables the working class struggle to move forward. This does not mean that it is a group of intellectuals whose “special knowledge” makes them more clever than other people. On the contrary, it is composed of the section of the working class with the highest level of political consciousness and organic link to the real struggles of the masses that makes it the most politically dynamic part of the working class.

This vanguard aims to be a catalyst to the struggle of the people, give it direction and elevate the level of political consciousness among the masses. And it is not enough for one party to proclaim itself “the vanguard of the working class”. To be the genuine vanguard, one needs to recognised as such by the people. During the coming year, the IRSP will increase its efforts in elevating the level of political consciousness of its members, develop policies and strategies to revolutionise Irish society, and build up its presence within mass struggles. As part of this process, the party will publish the Ta Power Document in its entirety. This is not out of some historical curiosity, but as an integral part of the politicisation of our party to help it become the political catalyst and leader of the struggles of the working class, women, immigrants and young people.









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- Adam Michnik

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13 December 2002


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