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Mowlam and the Status Quo

Proinsias O'Loinsaigh • 31 August 2005

I read with some interest the article by David Adams describing his impression of the late Mo Mowlam and, since I had no personal knowledge of the lady, I cannot pass an opinion upon her personal qualities.

However, it will not be forgotten that this is the person who was instrumental in gaining the release of British soldiers who had been convicted of murder and had received a Life Sentence in a British Court.

It appears that the late Mowlam was not overly concerned about the welfare of the Nationalist Irish when it came to murdering innocent members of that community.

Her attitude toward the decisions of the courts in her own country certainly left something to be desired, since she obviously concluded that the convictions and sentences were wrong and promptly overrode the rule of law.

Nor did she display any sense of embarrassment about the direct insult thrown at the relatives of those slain.

Their lives were deemed by Mrs. Mowlam to be of absolutely no importance whilst their murderers were obviously men of some distinction.

It is all very well to sing the praises of someone who has died and to emphasise their better characteristics, but the eulogies must not conceal unpalatable truths.

Mo Mowlam was a creature of the British Establishment and a servant of the British Government.
As such, her entire objective in the Irish Question was to preserve the status quo in the North.

Most certainly, she was a popular figure in the eyes of the Media and among a number of politicians.

The fact is that she contributed very little, if, indeed, anything at all, to the betterment of the minority population in the North.

In this, she is in excellent company and can join the illustrious ranks of all the other ministers who publicly swore that all their efforts were for the good of the people of "Northern Ireland", but who managed to support, encourage and assist successive British Governments in their criminal activities there.

































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15 September 2005

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