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The Irish "Peace Process" Reality and Fiction


Patricia Campbell U.S. speaking tour

Fourthwrite announcement • 9 February 2006

The surrender of weapons and disbandment of the Irish Republican Army in 2005 has been portrayed as the culmination of a process that has finally brought peace to the North of Ireland after decades of conflict, both between the IRA and British Army and the Catholic and Protestant communities of the North. The reality is significantly more complicated.

Is the conflict really over? Who has won? What is the future of the struggle for Irish self-determination and an Ireland of social and economic equality?

How was "peace" achieved"? Are the traditional aims of the Irish Republican movement satisfied? What are the lessons for the other movements of national liberation around the world?

We are fortunate to have Patricia Campbell, co-editor of Fourthwrite, Vice President of the Irish Workers' Union and long time Irish Republican activist visit the United States from Ireland to talk about her experiences and the current situation in Britain's oldest colony.

Join us for a discussion of these and other important questions.

WHERE: The Rotunda
PHILA, 19104

WHEN: WED. FEB. 15th , 7:30PM

Sponsored by Solidarity (http://www/ a revolutionary socialist, feminist and anti-racist organization. For more information email: or call 215-726-8688.

WHERE: Ann Arbor Public Library Freespace (2nd Floor)
343 South Fifth Avenue, Ann Arbor

WHEN: Saturday Feb. 18th , 1:30PM

Sponsored by The Ann Arbor Coalition Against the War, Fourthwrite, Solidarity and others. For more information email:

WHEN: Saturday Feb 25th (approx 1:30PM) interview on WBAI in NYC

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14 February 2006

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