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Isolation is meant to switch off the mind - No to isolation

Statement by Trade And Employees' Unions and TMMOB (Chamber of Architects and Engineers)

In a press statement issued on June 15 in the head office of KESK (trade union of civil servants in Turkey), trade and employees' union organisations as well as TMMOB have issued an appeal opposing isolation. In the appeal, it is stated: "We make an appeal to all who stand for basic rights and freedoms. Every day, unemployment, poverty, oppression and repression grow worse. The government is trying to turn the entire country into an F-Type (isolation) prison in order to carry out the policies of the IMF. To do that, there is no tyranny and oppression that they shy away from committing."

The statement declares that this repression grew worse with the opening of the F-Type prisons, and isolation and the death fasts continue. The statement makes the following call: "Isolation means breaking a person by switching off his or her mind. Let us say no to isolation, in order to abolish it so that human beings can live in humane conditions and retain their dignity. Those who say that they are in favour of life, those who say that I want them to live must come out for the lifting of isolation and for people to be sensitive to the way people are living, the trade unions say. Further: "Resisting means being able to live with your head held high. Living and letting others live draws its significance from this truth."

Here are the signatures of those who support rights and freedoms, who say that we must allow people to live free from tyranny and who support the demands:

Sami EVREN (chairman of KESK ) Musa CAM (executive of DISK trade union
confederation) Celal BESIKTEPE (member of TMMOB executive) Mehmet GOCEBE
(member of TMMOB executive) Ali Riza KUCUKOSMANOGLU (executive of Nakliyat-Is, the transport workers' union) Atilla AYCIN (executive of Hava-Is, airport workers' union) Kemal KELES (executive of Haber-Sen, a journalists' union) Sezai KAYA (executive Tarim Orkam-Sen, an agricultural union) Kamil KARTAL (executive of Basin-Is, a journalists' union), Enis BAYKAL (general organising secretary of Tum Bel-Sen, a local government employees' union), Mahmut DOGAN (GYK member), Ali CANCI (DISK social branch, Istanbul) (Muharrem KILIC (Tekstil-Is, textile workers executive, Istanbul branch), Fedai OZTURK (Lastik-Is, trade union for plastics and rubber workers, executive, Istanbul branch) Dogan KAYA (unit of Metal-Is, metal
workers), Mehmet KARAGOZ (executive, Istanbul branch No. 2), Cafer ERDIL (Genel-Is, general workers, Istanbul branch No. 2), Sami IPEK (Genel-Is treasurer for Istanbul branch), Nebile IRMAK CETIN (Genel-Is head of branch), Mevsim GURLEVIK (Genel-Is branch head, Istanbul No. 3), Kadir AKPINAR (Genel-Is branch head, Istanbul branch No. 4) Kadir DOGUTEKIN (Genel-Is branch head, Istanbul branch No. 5) Ismail YURTSEVEN (Genel-Is branch head, Istanbul branch head No. 7) Zeynel OZDEMIR (Genel-Is branch head Istanbul branch No. 9) Arif KUDAY (Genel-Is branch head Thrace) Zeynel DEMIRCIVI (Genel-Is branch head, Istanbul branch No. 3) Tahsin CELTI (Genel-Is branch head, Istanbul's Anatolian side branch No.1) Huseyin DURMAZ (Genel-Is branch Istanbul Anatolian side No.2) Hasan GULUM (Belediye-Is, municipal workers' union head, Istanbul branch No.2) Sadettin YILDIRIM (Belediye-Is IETT Tasit (Transport) branch head) Huseyin AYRILMAZ (Belediye-Is head Istanbul branch No.3) Mehmet ASKIN (Belediye-Is branch head, Istanbul branch No.1) Musa BICER (Egitim-Sen education workers' union branch head Istanbul branch No. 1) Zulfu AKYILDIZ (Egitim-Sen executive member Istanbul branch No. 1) Isil UNAL, Mesut BUKE, Burhan ATAS (Egitim-Sen executive member, Istanbul branch No. 1) M. Ekber ISIK (Egitim-Sen Istanbul branch No. 1) Nurettin SONMEZ (secretary, Istanbul Egitim-Sen branch No.3) Naci CELIK, Sebire YURTSEVEN, Ebru YILDIRIM, Hatice KARABAY, Birol KAPTANOGLU (Egitim-Sen branch executive members, Istanbul) Huseyin SUMRUK (branch head, Egitim-Sen Istanbul No. 4) Galip KIZILDAMAR (Egitim-Sen Istanbul branch No. 4 executive member) Erkan KARATAS (Egitim-Sen Istanbul branch No. 4, legal secretary), Ali Ekber SAHIN (SES branch Aksaray, branch executive member) Yuksel ALMAZ (SES branch Bakirkoy, branch executive member) Ejder ERBULAN (BES Istanbul branch No. 1 executive member) Nevreste DOGAN (BES Istanbul branch No. 1 secretary) Rukiye DURMAZ, Nejdet PAYCI, Mehmet SALMANLI (BES Istanbul branch ) Dursun DOGAN (BES Istanbul branch organisational secretary), Metin OZKAN (BES Istanbul branch No. 1 legal secretary) Halim OZPINAR (BES branch chairman Istanbul No. 2) Zeynep CICEK (BES Istanbul No. 2 branch secretary) Mustafa AKTAS (BES Istanbul branch No. 2 secretary) Rifat OGUZ (BES Istanbul No. 2 executive member) Nurseren YORMAZ (BES Istanbul No. 3 branch executive member) Kazim DOGAN (BES Istanbul No. 3 branch secretary) Nafi MARAS (Istanbul branch No. 3 secretary) Turabi MUSLU (BES Istanbul No. 3 branch head) Cillo CINAZ (Tüm Bel-Sen Istanbul branch head) Hanifi SAGLAM (Tüm Bel-Sen Istanbul No. 3 branch executive member) Ali ERDOGAN (Tüm Bel-Sen ISKI executive member) Ertan TASTAN (Haber-Sen branch head No. 9 ) Hasan ARICAN, Emin AKKOYUN, Metin TASTAN and Adem PULUR (Haber-Sen branch No. 9 executive members)


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Too many people are only willing to to defend rights that are personally important to them. It's selfish ignorance, and it's exactly why totalitarian governments are able to get away with trampling on people. Freedom does not mean freedom just for the things I think I should be able to do. Freedom is for all of us. If people will not speak up for other's people's rights, there will come a day when they will lose their own.
- Tony Lawrence

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7 July 2002


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