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N. Corey • 25 March 2005

The murder of R McCartney by a bunch of hooligans calling themselves republicans has proven to be an ideal stick to beat every other republican on this island with. The grief, extreme anger and sense of injustice felt by the McCartney family is totally understandable and even more so for it was the IRA themselves no less who allowed these animals to roam the streets inflicting their gangland attitudes on the local people. Surely the IRA must have realised that at some point in time these people were going to become a liability and that their actions would reflect back upon them.

So it is the leadership of the IRA in that area that should be thrown out for extremely poor judgement and above all diabolical discipline. IRA volunteers, like any other army, look towards their commanding officers for how they should behave and act, so, therefore this thuggish behaviour has come from above and was not ‘picked up of the ground’.

Unfortunately, this horrific loss of innocence has been used to beat all republicans with. Non- republican politicians from every divide, the leaders of religious institutions and other various organisations and prominent individuals have scrambled down from the tops of their self-erected podiums of righteousness and purity and in the process jumped and clambered over each other to see who can drive the jackboot in the furthest, all to the shouts of “Damn, I wish I had have thought of that one”.

How many saw the murder for what it really was… a brutal attack on a father out for a few drinks… not one of them… they all saw it as a chance to drive the ‘knife’ deeper in to SF and PIRA.

The elections are on the horizon and seats can be won and retained… hail Mac the Knife, all is not lost. Their insincerity to the death of R McCartney and the loss to his family was like their shadow… it followed them every where…

I understand that the McCartney family are intending to go to America to let Irish Americans know what the IRA is really like. I would ask the McCartney family to give their trip careful consideration and to be more specific and precise in their condemnation. In other words, please do not tar us all with the one brush. It is those thugs within your community that you should be openly referring too and not the broader republican family… you have the right as the bereaved family to name and shame them.

Also I would like them to be wary of those who come bearing arms loaded down with tokens of support and sympathy… please reflect on what their true intentions are and where were they in the 70’s? But please reflect, was Bobby Sands a thug or a criminal?

P.S. I’m sure the readers of this letter have now determined that it was written before the McCartney sisters and partner went on their State-side visit. Watching the events unfold over the St Patrick’s week (it didn’t really matter what television station I watched as all reported their visit from the same perspective), as they were catapulted around Washington from meeting to meeting and how the politicos' PR men were urging their paymasters to have their photo taken or at the very least be seen in public with them, I thought to myself, has their campaign spiralled out of their control? Has it been hijacked by all those opposed to SF and the IRA and has it now taken on a momentum driven by forces with ulterior motives other than that of justice?

I believe that it has but I also believe that they, the McCartney’s, are not oblivious to this and are constantly struggling to keep it focused on their initial objective, that of justice. And I believe that is what they should concentrate on, justice for their brother. Not making statements referring to those who were involved in the murder of Robert being re-instated into the PIRA because they have been seen going in and out of pubs /clubs in West Belfast. If that is the case, then there is a lot more people in the PIRA than Special Branch or even the OC of West Belfast ever realised! Statements like that sound ludicrous (like Gerry Adams claiming he was never in the IRA) and only serve to detract from your campaign.

How to achieve justice will be extremely difficult if not impossible. By all means highlight your campaign wherever possible but as I said in my initial letter, be specific in your condemnation and do not tar us all with the one brush. Believe it or not there are republicans out there who whole heartedly support your campaign but that support wanes every time you generalise about PIRA and SF.

Good luck.















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