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Treating the Symptoms Will Not Cure the Disease


N. Corey • 14 September 2005

The recent Unionist violence conducted by various and multiple offshoots of Unionism has led to a condemnation of constitutional Unionism for firstly, its failure to condemn the violence and secondly, for the widely held perception that it actually condoned it. But what's new?

Unionism, irrespective of brand or leadership, has always condoned violence when the need has arisen to protect their bigoted and sectarian culture or simply to get their way. Just look at the history of this island as a whole or more relevant to today's events the history of this little sectarian state created by British Imperialism and maintained by pure ethnic Orangeism.

So why all the hulla balloo about this recent upsurge in Unionist violence? Simple, it was down to the fact that England hadn't won the Ashes by then and there really was nothing else to report on! (After England won the Ashes the violence here was moved down the ratings on the 10 o'clock news). Anyway, talk about stating the obvious. When the bully doesn't get its way it will resort to other means to achieve its goal and that is exactly what happens when so called 'constitutional' Unionists fail through constitutional means to achieve their goal. They resort back to their 'muckers' within the Loyalist paramilitaries (it used to be the RUC but according to the SDLP that link is now broken!) to sort the problem out for them and silently whisper their condemnation.

This must lead to questions being raised over what exactly do they mean when they describe themselves as constitutional politicians and, more precisely, what do they mean when they talk about democracy? Also, will they be accorded that same political 'lets avoid asking questions that would embarrass them and the state called Norn Iron' respect by the media?

What has happened recently is nothing new to the Nationalist people (sorry but I find that the phrase Nationalist community implies that we have quite a lot in common with the Unionist community and that we just can't see it..there are two peoples on this island, Irish and British). So where do we go from here? Simple and most likely answer is that we pick up the pieces and go on with our lives and continue to allow all those who claim to represent Nationalism/Republicanism to keep their heads buried in the sand for fear of upsetting a 'peace process' that isn't.

When will the day come that those Nationalist/Republican politicians learn that treating the symptoms will not cure the disease and that it will not take a bold step to declare Stormont a lost cause.






























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15 September 2005

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