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A Modest Proposal

Tommy Gorman • 28.10.02

“It’s Christmas time. There’s no need to be afraid”. So went the lyrics of the song that launched Band Aid, a charity event that grabbed the attention of the world and forced us all to examine our conscience in face of the terrible human conditions and suffering on the continent of Africa.

At this time of year all of the various charities go into overdrive in the hope that the ‘spirit of Christmas’ will translate into more money for worthy causes, central to which is the protection of life through funding research into deadly diseases and programmes for famine relief in poor countries. The British government, however, is not driven by such benign propositions. Coupled with efforts to totally emasculate the caring curing sectors of the National Health Service, New Labour is in war mode awaiting the nod from Uncle Sam to inflict further death and destruction on the suffering people of Iraq.

The monetary cost of this latest foreign venture to UK taxpayers is estimated to be around 20 billion pounds. The human cost to the people of Iraq is beyond measure. If, as most government spokespersons claim, there is strong support for such action throughout the U.K. there shouldn’t be a problem putting the proposition to the people through a fund raising red nose day. If they were to reach their target of 20 billion pounds through donations from the public it would justify their claim of widespread support for war against Iraq. I somehow doubt either of the above will happen.
At this Christmas time the people of Iraq can look forward to either much of the same horrors that they have endured throughout the recent history of that afflicted country. Or their suffering will be compounded one thousand fold by the imperialist designs of George Bush and Tony Blair.

Its Christmas time, be afraid, be very afraid.









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It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.
- Arthur Calwell
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31 October 2002


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