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Bernadette McAliskey deported from USA

Tommy McKearney • Fourthwrite 24 February 2003

One of Ireland’s leading human rights campaigners and best known political figures of the last fifty years was deported on Friday past (21st February) from the USA. Immigration officials at Chicago airport detained and then deported the legendary civil rights activist ostensibly on the grounds that Mrs McAliskey poses a threat to US security.

The absurd notion that Bernadette McAliskey is any danger to the United States or any of its citizens is ridiculous. Only the regime currently in the White House would attempt to justify such a ridiculous idea. Mrs McAliskey has, of course, often been a trenchant critic of the US Government and its employees but only ever in that they were abusing the rights and dignity of its own or other people. In fact many liberal Irish Americans are now rather proud of the stand Bernadette McAliskey took in the late 1960’s when she visited the US and identified herself with the cause of civil rights for the Afro-American community in the ‘States.

Bernadette McAliskey is without doubt an exceptionally capable orator and is also a remarkably clear political thinker. She has therefore a huge ability to identify and castigate the politically intolerable. In a situation where jingoism and hyperbole have replaced logic, Bernadette has a gift for exposing the charlatan and discomfiting the propagandist.

It says a lot about the current United States, that it has joined that unlovely list of regimes that has been or is now afraid to hear any criticism or even risk hearing criticism of itself. The world’s only super power is unwilling even to risk hearing itself criticised by a voice that would not have accessed any mainstream media outlet is no longer a flag bearer for democracy and it might not be much longer before it becomes a threat to it.

















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27 February 2003


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