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Inclusive Republicanism

Maire Cullen • June 8 2004

I wrote this last year, but unfortunately, it is still true. I have, in desperation, turned to the Green Party, who are much more willing to work with me...such a shame!

I was glad to hear of the meetings in May of Irish republicans in Belfast. There are problems that have developed over years that need addressed; in particular, I refer today to the ongoing "cliqueiness" in certain SF circles.

As a volunteer of my local independent radio station for over 10 years, Ihave had the privilege of presenting Sinn Fein's platform to interested Irish Americans every week. My programme has been enomously popular with the wider human rights community here, and I have made an effort to connect activists here with the tools to become active on behalf of Ireland, as well.

It has been largely satisfying, with one glaring exception: my inability to interview high level Sinners who come to the West Coast. With the exception of Mairead Keane (when she was head of the women's dept., many years ago), I have been perfunctorily shut out of all the events hosting the leadership, unless I wanted to (and could afford to) pony up at high priced fund raisers.

While I appreciate the need for such functions, as an interested journalist I was embarrassed to my listeners not to be able to provide them with a personalised interview. This inability to grant access to the local press, as well as a rather neglectful attitude towards a useful and hardworking supporter, is terribly frustrating to me, as I have lobbied hard to bring the republican message to this part of the country.

It is an attitude I have seen demonstrated towards others working in the States, especially American born activists, but I, and others from the North, have seen it as well.

It would behoove the leadership to reassess the manner in which stateside support is utilised, and perhaps make an effort to reach out to the many disenchanted activists they have left in their wake. Unless, of course, the only function perceived to be of use here is the raising of large amounts of money.

While this is perhaps the most important aspect of American support historically, big donors are not the only reason for a republican presence in the U. S., as the widespread public demonstrations during crucial times demonstrates.

I have always kept these feelings to myself, as it is my opinion that the leadership has plenty on its plate, but, as long as we're talking...

























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27 September 2005

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