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Lost Honour, Lost Cause

Proinsias O'Loinsaigh • 24 January 2003

I have been a fervent and active supporter of Sinn Fein and the Provisionals for over thirty years and it was my unshakeable opinion that neither body could do any wrong. I believed beyond any doubt that they were all, without exception, honourable men and women who would be incapable of besmirching the cause for which they fought and, in far too many cases, died.

The idea that the Republican Movement of Tone, Emmet, O'Brien, Meagher of the Sword et al would some day be reduced to the level of ordinary thuggery and opportunism was inconcievable. To-day the scales have fallen and, after all these years, I see that the once-honoured and revered Leaders have feet of clay. They, and I speak here specifically about Gerry Adams, McLoughlin, Kelly and McGuinness, have shown themselves to be complete charlatans, liars and deceivers.

Their attitude to the oft reported vicious and unwarranted attacks upon erstwhile comrades and their families is absolutely beyond the pale. Apart from the spineless and abject surrender of all that so many suffered and died to achieve, the adoption of every facet of the professional politician and their acceptance of the return of the status quo, these men have behaved despicably in their open contempt for the intelligence of the People. The sacrifices made by ordinary men and women who did extraordinary things seem to be completely discounted and ignored until it becomes politically expedient to attend some Commemoration or other.

The essential truth is that the Sinn Fein Leadership, and by extension, the Leadership of the Provisionals, have "sold out". Such behaviour from a man like Martin McGuiness is totally incomprehensible, given his record in action and his reputation for personal courage.

Adams is another kettle of fish,for his record during the decades of the "Troubles" is suspect. He had acquired a name for himself as a schemer and a planner, even as a teen-ager and, to this day, no-one seems to have ever encountered him on an operation.

There is no smoke without a fire, and his penchant for wheeling and dealing may well have brought the past thirty years to nought. I have ceased entirely to support this bastardised form of Republicanism, and, if the good Lord spares me, will await the resurrection of the spirit of the Hunger Strikers, the Gibraltar three and all the other great Republicans who have gone before.

Honourable to the last - every one of them.










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3 February 2003


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