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60's Man

Attn: Dr McIntyre

Response to Mick Hall

September 2006

More on Dr Coulter

The Prisoners' Plight

Why People Turn to the Right

August 2006


25th Anniversary

Provo Arrogance


I Had A Dream I Was in South Armagh


President Patrick Hurley


Political Cartoons...


Running the Chicago Marathon for Irish Political Prisoners


Dr John Coulter


Captain Kelly Campaign


I Left Early


July 2006




The Last Words of Roger Casement


Take Two: Israeli State Terror


Take One: David Irving


David Irving


June 2006


Mick Hall and his ridiculous article 2004 about the so-called middle class


Ingram Replies


A Comment


No Connection


May 2006


The Unjust Imprisonment of Michael McKevitt


The Book & Its Meaning


Gerry & Ian


April 2006


Standing Up to the Enemies of Free Speech


Irish Republicanism and Islam


Real human rights - without any religious blackmail


Resisting Censorship


Re: Breeding Ground for Racism by Dr. John Coulter




Correction re Michael Flannery


March 2006


Controversy over the publication of cartoons


Stereotypes Must Be Challenged Openly


Message for Dr. Coulter


Excellent Work


Swift Satire Poetry Competition



New Convert




About the Possible Posting of the Muslim Cartoons


Well Done


A Muslim's Response


Straight Talk vs Orthodoxy



One Man's Terrorist is Another Man's Prophet


Christ Collage


An Eye for An Eye


Glad to See Someone is Not Afraid


There Are No Sides to Peace



Remembering the Hunger Strikes


Sunday Times Responds


Rights and Responsibilities


The Whys


February 2006


Dublin Riots


Moon Man?


Time for the End of an Era


Ballymurphy Being Attacked Within


Ballymurphy Slaying


More GEM


UCC Address


Shannon Airport


An Open Letter To Osama bin Laden and Ayman Al-Zawahiri (Wherever You Are)


January 2006


Reaction to GEM article


Support The Prisoners


Thomas A. Constantine NYSP


Re: A Perfect Spy


Time to Move On


Piece or Peace Prize


The Cost of Peace















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- Hubert H. Humphrey





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