The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.
- Hubert H. Humphrey


Liam O’Ruairc

The West Belfast Anti War Movement came to an end yesterday in less than one hour due to Trotskyite wreckers. At the meetings, were present members of the IRSP, the IRWG, the Irish section of the USFI, Cliffites (members of the International Socialists), people associated with the ICFI-WRP and now with the International Socialist Forum, RWT, RCG, individual dissidents and non-aligned activists.

The politically irrelevant far left engaged in endless disputes. The Cliffites called the USFI "fucking chickens sitting on their dicks" (sic), and the ICFI-WRP accused an individual dissident who defended Negri and Hardt's views on imperialism as an "imperialist". The Cliffite then threatened the WRP with beating him up and attacked the "Pabloite Liquidationist". Everybody decent left, marking the end of the Anti War Movement.

I don't know of other people's experience, but this is what usually happens when the politically irrelevant left gets involved and shout at each other "Our irrelevancy is more relevant than your irrelevancy".


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