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Poverty — Do You Get It?

Jan Lightfoottlane • 19 September 2005

Even a man fighting for the poor, Senator Edwards, does not Get It. Poverty is a way of life for the rich. Employers pay their workers less than required to pay their bills. Waiting on having children simply is NOT the answer for being underpaid. While 13 year old babies having babies is never a great idea, we must address the root cause of Human Lack. It’s the greed of the rich, and all of us who wants to be rich, which perpetrates the circle of poverty.

Until Americans decide that all workers need to be paid a wage at the level of their basic expenses, poverty will be with us. Until aid is given 100% of the need to 100% of those in need, poverty will be with us.

Until then, let me rephrase an old adage: “Give a person a pound of hotdogs, and they will eat for today. Give a worker a decent wage, their family eats for a lifetime.”

This opinion is based upon my work with the homeless and my own being hungry as a child.

As an advocate against poverty I believe poverty provides a way of life for the rich. Please, if you or a politician wants to learn about ending poverty ask someone at poverty level.

Personal responsibility, as the Senator puts it, has nothing to do with being paid less than it costs to live.
































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