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Street Seen Sleeping Bag Appeal

Jon Glackin • 16 December 2004

Street Seen, Northern Irelands very own Homeless paper, will be launching their Xmas Sleeping bag appeal Monday 20th December at 4pm at the Bandstand, Cornmarket in association with Queens University and many of Belfast’s Homeless Agencies

We are appealing for sleeping bags, warm clothes and food to be donated at the Bandstand, Cornmarket between 4pm and 6pm on Monday 20th December, all items will be directly given to those most in need by street outreach teams from the Welcome Centre, Homeplus, Simon Community and the East Belfast Mission....

Entertainment will be provided by local buskers and street performers; all are encouraged to support this important appeal in any way they can.

Items can also be donated at Phoenix Records, The Haymarket Arcade, Royal Avenue

Jon Glackin, Co-ordinator, said prior to the launch:

This is an urgent appeal for basic essential items that we all take for granted, as the weather gets colder and colder there is a pressing need for warm clothes, blankets, sleeping bags and basic foodstuffs to be distributed out to those most in need over the Christmas period and beyond. We will ensure that all items donated will be given to those who are working directly with our homeless community in an attempt to directly address some of the immediate concerns of those on the street and in need.

Paddy Hughes, Deputy President Queen's Students' Union, said:

Families getting together, Christmas dinner and the warmth of our homes-something that the vast majority of us will no doubt experience this festive season, but let us not forget those that aren't fortunate enough to even have shelter.
This is why I would like to appeal to each and every individual to contribute in ANY way to the forthcoming Street Seen Sleeping Bag Appeal at Cornmarket on Dec 20.Clothes, food and drink-it all makes a difference!
So as well as perhaps buying the latest DVD release,CD or brand of clothing this Christmas, why not give to someone else also who NEEDS the essentials as opposed to the luxuries -it is, after all, a time of giving isn't it?

Terri Hooley, local music legend, said:

At this time of year of giving we should spare a thought for those who will have little to celebrate and look forward to only to a bit of warmth of human kindness that it is so easy for us to provide. I urge the Belfast public to support this important appeal, those items taking up space in your cupboards and wardrobes are needed now by our homeless community.

Dave, Belfast Street Seen vendor said:

It is so important that we try to get the Belfast people to donate as much as they can. I know what it is like to have nothing at Christmas, this year I want to give back as much as I can to those on the streets that have nothing. We can all make a real difference to someone’s life by donating those unwanted coats, blankets or anything that will help someone who has nothing. All Street Seen sellers will be collecting any donated items over the Christmas period we have all been there and want to help in any way we can.


For any other information please contact Jon Glackin 0774 327 5533 or




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21 December 2004

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