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Irish Christians and Africa

Dr John Coulter controversially argues that many of the African nations have made such a mess of their societies the time has come for the major European countries - and especially Ireland - to re-colonise the continent.

Dr John Coulter • 3 March 2005

Geographical Ireland has one historical legacy around which Christians of all denominations can unite - the number and quality of its missionaries it has sent over the generations to Africa.

As a people, we are never failing in our prayers and financial giving to help the people of that disease-ridden, famine-smitten, war-torn, political corrupt continent.

But the time has come for the Irish Christian community to get off its prayerful knees, take its hands out of its generous, deep pockets, and start a campaign of positive action that will really help the down-trodden people of Africa.

Indeed, the time has come for the former European empire nations to re-colonise Africa because independence has brought nothing but famine, civil war, genocide and disease and political turmoil.

Ireland should be added to the list of imperial powers to revamp the African continent given the contribution the island - North and South - has made in financial aid, church missionaries and volunteer workers on medical and humanitarian projects.

As well as Ireland in the so-called 'Gang of Five', Britain, France, Germany and Russia should rekindle their respective imperial ethos and take control of certain African nations before they become permanently ungovernable.

Top of this list must be Zimbabwe, the former state of Rhodesia, which Africa's 'Black Hitler' Robert Mugabe has turned from a once prosperous nation under colonial rule into the continent's version of Iraq under Saddam Hussein.

The Western nations can't simply keep pumping billions into Africa to keep it politically afloat. Just as Britain and America have gone into Afghanistan and Iraq, the former European imperial nations will have to take the bull by the horns and invade those countries which refuse to conform to modern European democracies.

The global super powers have also got to come to terms with the harsh reality that South Africa since the fall of apartheid has not become the 'land of the free' as portrayed by the Anti-Apartheid Movement and the South African Communist Party.

It has descended into a political embarrassment riddled with the horrific plague of AIDS, tribal infighting and famine - all the demons the end of apartheid was supposed to cure the nation of.

Of course, mention re-colonisation and trendy Lefties, fanatical liberals and human rights extremists will start screaming about the bad old days of imperialist slavery, white power big game hunters and gold diggers shoving the native tribes off their lands.

Those African states which were granted independence from the empire nations and built their fledgling democracies on colonial political foundations have tended to survive longest in providing some sort of quality of life for their respective peoples.

Many, however, have quickly nose-dived into tribal massacring. The only thing many native tribes learned from colonialism was how to kill their fellow Africans with guns instead of spears.

The former imperial powers also need to realise the African people cannot wait until the European Union sorts out how to govern itself. How many more millions will have starved to death, died of disease, or been butchered in inter-tribal rivalries while Africa waits for the EU to evolve into the United States of Europe?
After the colonial powers left Africa, the Christian Churches and missionary organisations, along with the newly-emerging aid agencies, formed the backbone of helping many nations take their first steps in supposedly independent democracies.

But the Christian faith is literally being battered on the African continent by the rise of radical Islamic fundamentalism. The aid agencies simply do not have the cash flow to cope with the famine and disease epidemics.

Go into many of the African states which still tolerate the Christian faith, and you will find evidence of the sterling work of Irish-based missionaries over the generations. That's the main reason Ireland has earned its place as a new millennium imperial power.

Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi may be quiet because he is scared of an Iraqi-style invasion by the Western coalition forces. How long can Egypt hold out against the growing muslim radical threat?

Even once Christian countries such as Togo, Ghana and Kenya are slowly slipping into anarchy because of Islamic radicals and traditional tribal rivalries. Hunger threatens much of western Africa as well as Sudan, Ethiopia and Somalia in the east.

The 'Big Five' need to form their own Imperial League of Nations and start the re-colonisation process in Africa before the Rwandan genocide becomes the 'norm' in most states.

During the bloody Crusades of the Middle Ages, many noble knights left the shores of Britain to fight militant Islam in the Holy Land. But the sad reality of these early years of the third millennium is that moderate muslims are rapidly losing control over their violent fundamentalist fringes.

That violent element is making its presence felt across the African continent, too. The Catholic Jesuit Order and the Rev Ian Paisley's Free Presbyterian Church have both completed missionary outreach work in Africa.

Re-colonisation of the African continent is the only route which can realistically be taken if all the labours of Irish Christian missionaries from the North and South is not to be undone.





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