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IRPWA Delegation targeted by British Army/RUC

Martin Mulholland, IRPWA • 17 June 2004

Yesterday a delegation from the IRPWA that had just visited Maghaberry Gaol was targeted by the British Army and the RUC/PSNI. The delegation was returning to Derry after visiting the Republican prisoner's O/C John Connolly when they were stopped by the British Army at Drumahoe.

It has emerged that a British Army helicopter had followed them from Maghaberry the whole way to where the British Army was waiting for them. A stinger type device was placed on the road to make sure that the men would stop and also to make passers by believe a security operation was in progress and drive on.

The delegation was ordered onto the road and held in a search position while the Army tore their car apart. When one of the delegation enquired under what legislation the men were being held the British Army became extremely abusive and called the RUC/PSNI who arrived and began the process all over again.

The men were not questioned about anything specific and after a period of almost 2 hours they were allowed to proceed.

The IRPWA are extremely concerned about this incident because of the fact that the delegation was visiting the Gaol to try and intervene and ensure that a proposed hunger strike threatened by the POW's is not necessary. The delegation was tasked with finding out if conditions had improved and with detailing what was being done on the outside to the prisoners.

It would appear the authorities on both the inside and the outside are intent on antagonizing both the POW's and their representatives and exacerbating an already volatile situation. However the IRPWA will not be drawn into walking away from this situation by British Army/PSNI harassment and we will continue to work to ensure that all republican POW's have their human rights respected.


















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17 June 2004

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