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Republican Anger at Criminals on Political Wing

Martin Mulholland, Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association (IRPWA) • 4 March 2005

The Irish Republican Prisoners Welfare Association are extremely concerned at the decision by The NIO and the NIPS to accommodate prisoners charged with non political i.e. Criminal offences on the segregated landings reserved for Republican Prisoners.

There has been considerable disquiet among the Republican base because of this decision and some people are labouring under the misconception that the Republican prisoners have allowed criminals onto the wing. This is not the case.

The Prisoners on the wings have no control over who is allowed into segregated accommodation and because of the extremely restricted and controlled environment have little ability to request that criminals leave the wing.

On one occasion recently a criminal was allowed onto the wing despite the fact that he stated publicly that he was not a member of any Republican movement.

The IRPWA view the actions of the NIO and NIPS as extremely malevolent and question their motives of placing prisoners who are clearly unacceptable to republicans in their midst. The Republican POWs embarked and endured months on dirty protest and in isolation in punishment blocks to gain segregation from criminals only to have the NIO force them to share landings with them.

This is an obvious attempt to cause tension and friction within the prison and on the outside and an attempt to back up the NIPS’s assertions that Republicans are not segregated because they are political prisoners but are separated because they are at risk or a risk to others.

The IRPWA wish to make it clear that the prisoners that they represent have not invited or allowed any criminals onto the wing and never will.

We regard the actions of the NIO/NIPS as a deliberate act of spite against the very people who struggled to gain segregation from the type of people who are now being admitted.
















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