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It's Gone - Hip, Hip, Hurrah!

Sean Smyth • 1 November, 2002

15th October could be a red-letter day for the working class of N.I, With the British government closing down the N.I assembly. Despite much wailing, grinding of teeth and hair pulling by local so-called politicians, the working class should be celebrating that the Good Friday agreement and the Stormont Assembly are gone and hopefully for good.

The Assembly was not only a sectarian but also, and worse still capitalist, which delivered a system in which the middle to upper class prospered while the working class were left to fight each other for low paid jobs and poor housing. I challenge any MLA to declare what the assembly did for the working class of NI? I’ll give you the answer NOTHING.

You would think that after four and a half years in government the so-called working class parties “SF, SDLP, PUP Woman’s collation ect, ect” in the Assembly would have made some gains for the working class, i.e. remove the anti-trade union laws introduced by Thatcher to attack the working class, campaign against the privatising of public services, lobby for an increase in the minimum wage.

No. What the Assembly did was to attack the working class with as much vigour and in some cases more than Thatcher, from SF privatising the National Health Service and Education, to the DUP privatising public transport, and water - all of them have been lobbying the British government to lower corporation tax, while increasing the taxation of the working class.

The time has come for true trade unions and socialists to stand shoulder to shoulder and show leadership. The working class suffered the most from the last thirty years of sectarian violence. The Good Friday Agreement and the Assembly has nothing to offer the working class. The Assembly should not have been suspended, it should have been destroyed and the liars who frequented the assembly (the MLA’s) should be made to pay back every penny of public money they stole - 'after all John Reid only needs four staff to run NI.

To the working class and trade unionists Thatcher was a BASTARD, the MLA’s are worse they were Bastards and traitors who betrayed the working class over a prawn sandwich and a glass of chardonnay.

Peace, justice and democracy will only come to NI when the working class realise that they are being shafted by the British and Irish governments who are pushing a Neo-Liberal Capitalist agenda with the full support of all local parties, and discredited trade union officials.

If we are to have elections in May the working class will have to ask themselves what kind of future they want for their families. By voting sectarian you are legitimising sectarianism.

If the workers of NI unite, the future will belong to us and our families. Capitalism doesn’t work. Any system which lets nineteen thousand children die of starvation every day and starts wars for oil should get no succour from the working class.

There is one thing the working class and rank and file trade unionists learnt from Thatcher 'If we fight we may not win, but if we don’t fight we will surley lose.' I would urge people to use their vote to defend our jobs, homes and public services. By doing so we will defeat sectarianism and the capitalists who gain most from a divided working class.





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It is better to be defeated on principle than to win on lies.
- Arthur Calwell
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22 November 2002


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