Solidarity with Prisoners in Turkey


20 December, 2000: Protest outside the American Consulate, Belfast in support of prisoners’ demands, and against both the brutal and murderous actions of the Turkish Security Forces and American support of the fascist Turkey state. Representatives from the 32CSM, the Socialist Workers Party, the IRWG and the Human Rights Forum participated in the protest. Former Hunger strikers Brendan Hughes and Marian Price were there in solidarity with the hunger strikers in Turkey, over 30 of whom have now been murdered, along with many other prisoners who have lost their lives.  The slaughter still carries on as we write. Brendan Hughes and Marian Price felt compelled to be at the protest, not only because it is the right thing to do,  but also to compensate for the criminal indifference displayed by the Sinn Féin leadership towards the plight of these people. Sinn Féin, in refusing pleas of support for the prisoners in Turkey, has told DHKC in London that "they do not involve themselves in the internal politics of other countries." This reply was also given to American anti death sentence activists, on behalf of Mumia Abu-Jamal, who asked Sinn Féin to support the call for a stay of execution. Both the prisoners in Turkey and Mumia still face a death sentence imposed on them by the internal politics of the state.  


Debate in Irish News about Irish Republican response to prison protest in Turkey

Members of the Socialist Workers Party and Human Rights Forum


The Irish Republican Writers Group and the 32 County Sovereignty Movement



Former Hunger Strikers Brendan Hughes and Marian Price in solidarity with the death fast prisoners in Turkey


Blockade at the entrance to the American Consulate


The Blanket