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The Dirty War Goes On

George Young • 1 October 2005

Does anyone remember Lt. Colonel Gordon Kerr? Well, I would imagine that most republicans in Ireland would, he is the guy who commanded the Force Reconnaissance Unit in our country throughout our struggle for freedom from British rule. You remember the FRU, these are the people that the British government entrusted with the infiltration of the Republican Army and who colluded with the loyalist paramilitaries in the murders of at least fifteen republicans. You know who I mean, the agency which helped the loyalist death squads kill innocent catholics so that they could drive off support in the nationalist communities for the IRA. The guys who recruited men like Albert Baker and Brian Nelson. The people who the regular army squaddies and officers referred to as "Green Slime". (Quite an apt name, I think!)

Well, Kerr is back in action, only now he is Brigadier Kerr. Oh yes, he was promoted for his actions in Northern Ireland. In any other army he would probably have been court martialled or faced some form of prosecution in civvy street for his department's collusion in the murders of innocent civilians, but this is the British army we are talking about. Not only was he promoted, but was appointed to the post of military attache in Beijing, mainly to keep him out of the way of the investigations into the culpability of the FRU in the murder of human rights lawyer Pat Finucane. Indeed, I am reliably informed that on the thirteenth of February this year, papers were submitted to the Department of Public Prosecutions by Sir John Stevens naming Kerr and another twenty members of the Security Forces, after his investigations into collusion. As of yet there has been no decision taken by the DPP as to whether any prosecutions will take place. (Surprise, surprise!)

As I said earlier he is back in action. He is currently heading a unit in Iraq called the Special Reconnaissance Regiment. This appointment basically makes Kerr untouchable with regard to the investigations into collusion and also keeps safe any of his commanding officers and any politicians who were in power while the FRU were conducting their dirty war in our island. It also proves that the whole Stevens' inquiry is nothing but a sham and that there will never be any successful prosecutions of any members of the security forces for any of the assassinations of republicans.

Why do I say this?

Firstly. Does anyone think that he is going to be dragged away from what is considered to be essential war work to answer questions which could open up a whole can of worms for the British army and government?

Secondly. The man has an OBE and has won the Queen's Medal for Gallantry. (Isn't it macabre what the Brits give people medals for?)

His appointment to this post should really say a whole lot about the claims by the British government that the war in Iraq was all about getting rid of the weapons of mass destruction (Where did they hide them?), de-Saddamising the country and giving democracy back to the Iraqi people.

It also says something about the claims of the British government, in the case of the special forces people arrested by the Iraqi police, that the Iraqi police cannot be trusted and have been infiltrated by insurgents. I mean, who are they trying to kid? The two SAS men (more likely SRR men) were intercepted by the Iraqi police whilst in a car packed with explosives, whereupon a fire fight took place, which suggests to anyone with any common sense, that they clearly did not wish to be exposed.

What was the role of the two SAS/SRR men in Basra?

The Brits' answer was that Iranian intelligence officers are funding the local Badr brigades and the army of cleric Moqtada Al-Sadr. (Evidence? None!)

The SAS/SRR men were on a mission to identify routes used by these people and capture or kill them.

Why did they open fire on the police?

Answer. The Iraqi police have been infiltrated by insurgents. (Yawn!)

Does anyone agree that the mention of Iranian intelligence people is perhaps a prelude to what may be the next conflict in the region? After all, we are now, through the British media, being treated daily to a diet of Iranian bogey men who are inciting the various factions to revolt against the occupation forces and these bogey men have weapons of mass destruction. (Perhaps that's where the Iraqi ones disappeared to?)

Could the reason why the two special forces men had a car full of explosives be, as has been claimed by the Iraqi people of the area, that the majority of the terrorist attacks and especially the car bombings have been perpetrated by British and American covert operations people. Surely this is a distinct possibility, given the fact that the two soldiers were dressed as Arabs and the incident took place in Basra at the time of the Karbala festival which draws pilgrims in their millions to the city. This is a tactic which has been used by the British all over the world to create a civil war scenario and thereby drive off support for any of the rebel factions, as we in Ireland know only too well. As a matter of fact, I spoke to a young soldier who had recently returned from Iraq who told me that he believed this to be the case and that British, American, South African and Latin American mercenaries were operating in the area perpetrating these attacks and being paid an awful lot more than the regular soldiers.

So, to finish, it seems that Kerr and the FRU/SRR are still fighting a dirty war, only this time they probably have the help of the American CIA and we all know how good a record that they have in the field of human rights. (It doesn't even bear thinking about!)

Oh, one last thing. Part of Brigadier Kerr and his unit's remit will be to capture and detain possible war criminals. (Now isn't that hugely ironic!)





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