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The GFA and Other Fairystories
Proinsias O'Loinsaigh • 9.12.03

The Good Friday Agreement, the Ceasefires, the Assembly, Elections and the myriad of other events in the North of Ireland in recent years must have engendered enough written material to fill the World's Libraries.

Just about all of that mass of literature is complete hogwash, written by people who see the World as they wish it to be, not as it actually is.

There are two fundamental and horrible errors that are committed by all of these pundits each time they produce any utterance on the North.

The first one is their acceptance of the existence and legitimacy of a Country called Northern Ireland.

These commentators would seem to be quite content to live with the idea that Northern Ireland is a seperate, if not sovereign, power, and has the same position in the pantheon of Nations as America, France, Australia or any other Country with natural Boundaries and a historical Culture.

None are prepared to bite the bullet and state the obvious.

Northern Ireland is NOT a Country.

It is not even a State.

Northern Ireland is merely a small slice of of one Country annexed by force, and maintained by force, by another Country.

The History of the appearance of Northern Ireland on the World stage is a subject that has had revision after revision heaped upon it, and explanation after explanation to justify the unjustifiable.

Facts are facts, however, and saying that black is white and white is black does not make it so.

Northern Ireland cannot, by any stretch of imagination or manipulation of fact, be regarded as a legitimate Nation, nor will it ever be.

The idea of such an entity, with it's pretentious Parliament and its numerous Political Parties is the sort of thing that made the Goon Show famous.

The second is the ridiculous belief that, somehow, someday, the Unionists and Nationalists will grow to love each other and all will be sweet harmony in the Ulster Eden.

Once again, facts are facts and one of those facts is that there is a complete and utter absence of any common ground whatsoever.

The Master and Slave mentality is part of the very bedrock of the North and, as long as that place exists, there will be no meeting of minds, nor meeting of anything else.

Just because some self- important Politician shakes hands with another of the same ilk, but of a different persuasion, or somebody else signs an elaborately constructed Agreement does not mean that the Slave will suddenly love his condition and his Master, nor that the Master will look upon his untrustworthy Slave with a benevolent eye.

The hatreds in this part of Ireland run very, very deep and will never be excised and extinguished as long as the place called Northern Ireland exists.

It is said that Germany and England fought two bitter Wars and now they are Friends again.

The Spanish Civil War, the American Civil War AND the Irish Civil War are often used as examples of how a Nation can be split asunder, soaked in blood and still reconcile their opposing forces and live in Peace.

If so, why not in this part of Ireland?

The answer is very simple.

None of the offered examples can be compared to the Northern Irish situation.

There was no actual hatred between the ordinary German and English population.

After it was all over, the Victors were magnanimous towards the Conquered and, despite the horrors endured by both sides, no enmity developed.

The English and the Germans may not love each other, but they do not hate each other.

The Spanish, American and Irish situation were extremely bloody affairs and engendered deep hatreds that lasted for many decades.

These conflicts were Civil Wars in the true meaning of the phrase.

The Americans were fighting Americans, the Spanish fought Spanish and Irish man was pitted agaonst Irishman.

For all their differences they were all of the same Nationalities, and, when all was done, they had much more in common than not.

The situation in the North bears no resemblance to any of those oft quoted examples.

The Unionist inhabitants of the North, almost without exception, state and swear with great vehemence that they are British, not Irish.

They claim loudly, and at every opportunity, that all things Irish are abhorrent to them and that they will never, ever agree to become part of an Irish Nation.

Thus speaks the man and woman in the street.

The Politician is almost irrelevant when it comes to politics in that benighted place.

There can be no Nation building since there is no Nation.

There can be no reconciliation since the Unionist can never be reconciled.

After all the wasted efforts, after all the wheeling and dealing, after all the talking is over, the final resolution will be as it was predicted from Day one.

A return to the War that never ended and, this time, no more talking.



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- George Bernard Shaw

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13 December 2003


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