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Socialism in Ireland

Francis McDonnell • 6 October 2005

I grew up on the Falls Road. I moved to the US as a resident alien in 1992. All the while, living on the Falls I was aware of the catch phrase "socialist republic". When I moved away and was able to examine my past I believed that the catch phrase was just that, a catch phrase. I never dreamed that the people I grew up around would ever fall for the empty, and long since proven false, promises of socialist ideas. I believed that the phrase was used by those who didn't know any better on those they thought were maybe to dumb too ever know.

The people I grew up with, in an area that was plagued with unemployment when it came to what we might consider real jobs, always seemed to find something to do to earn an extra few quid, to supplement the supplement as it where. These people were always quick to come up with a scheme, not a con, to earn some money and were not afraid to work for it.

When I browse the web, on sites like this and others, I get the impression that all those I grew up around have some how perished and the world was never told about it. All I read about is some one wanting something for nothing, the bread from another man's plate through government hand outs. The government, that those I grew up around spent so much time and effort, endured the insult and fear trying to unfetter themselves from.

What has happened?

While economically, the freestate has come out of the third world and the North has somewhat made strides of its own towards economic independence, after decades of relying on the empire's alms to carry the shipyard and other heavy industry, it seems that philosophically you are all moving backward. Is it maybe that those who are carrying the economy don't have time to go online, while the rest of the doomsayers, who would rather gripe and moan about what they and their cohorts need or don't have, and that a government should supply through the labor of their fellows, do have time?

For those who would espouse the ideals of socialism (communism), will someone please stand up and deliver the news. The Soviet Union is no more, China is all but a free market economy. North Koreans are starving to death because of communism and Cuba survives by selling its wares, rum and cigars, to anyone it can find to buy them.

Do you really want to have struggled for so long, endured so much, only to be suffocated and drowned by elitist garbage disguised as enlightened thinking and philosophy? If you do nothing else, examine the world of these would be thinkers, they have no stake in yours and therefore nothing to lose. Their ideas, though they will never come to fruition, are destructive and demoralizing to any society. If you buy into them, you will spend all your days fighting against those who oppose them. I think you have been fighting that battle for far too long.



























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23 October 2005

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