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Bartering the Infinities

"The proverb warns that 'You should not bite the hand that feeds you.' But maybe you should if it prevents you from feeding yourself". - Thomas Sasz. M.D.

Eoghan O'Suilleabhain
• 4 November 2005

A general call went out recently inviting anyone and everyone to write an appeal to a Unionist person trying to convince them of the merits of Republicanism and their place in a new United Ireland.

Talk about an exercise in futility on a go to nowhere cul-de-sac paved by Tony Blair's Plan A, the so called Good Friday Agreement which by intentional design copper fastened the gerrymandered Unionist veto thus ensuring Brit hegemony about the place indefinitely.

Therefore there is just no talking or appealing to Unionists.

Why should anyone give up the political majority advantage that gerrymandering gives them especially when they don't want to give it up?

Why not appeal to a baby to stop sucking his mother's tit and start drinking from a glass?

You can't …although its mother can and should if she truly wants to see her baby grow to be normal and integrated.

And there in lays the rub. Mutha Alban doesn't want her norn iron baby to grow up to be independently unified anymore than the US wanted to see South Vietnam grow up to be unified with the rest of Vietnam. Remember Tony "I'm a Unionist" Blair saying: "There is no Plan B"?

Northern Ireland is a NATO beachhead. That's why the Yanks (and even the mostly NATO EU) support British partition and rule here but have no problem urging Turkey to vacate Northern Cyprus because all of Cyprus is within NATO.

As such the occupied NI six serves the paranoid Brit securocrats' objective of guarding their backdoor so to speak. It is their Guantanamo.

And the Brits care no more for any of the people living there than the US cares for any of the western Cubans who have grown dependent on the Yankee dollar formula there.

Moreover, if England (a.k.a. the UK) were truly a democracy then Northern Ireland would have been shit canned by the British Government a long time ago because most English people you meet in England see all the people from the Island of Ireland as Irish not English or British.

An English friend of mine once said to me of Unionists: "They're your people, not mine."

He is not the only Anglo-Saxon who thinks this way either.

Once while having a quiet pint in a Lincoln tavern, I saw Ian Paisley and David Trimble come on the T.V. news for something or other when several English men and women at the bar shouted for the barman to: "Shut those fucking Paddies off!"

Clearly the Unionist identification with things Britain is a one-way street.

A salutary lesson because Northern Ireland Unionists are no more British than Puerto Ricans are Americans.

To say otherwise requires heaps of neo-colonial legal fiction and British military occupation and rule.

Enough! It's time to wean all our Irish babies who'd rather be British and insist they grow up and join Tone's Republic or throw them out with the royal bathwater. Call it Operation Tough Love.

And it begins perhaps by taking a step back on Irish neutrality to go a few steps forward on Irish unity. That is, ROI agrees to formally join NATO so long as the UK, the UN and the EU agree in turn to the sovereign Irish unification of all 32 counties sans London and Stormont.

Then watch how fast our truly democratic multi-cultural Irish Republic grows without London and without Rome.

Otherwise, we are all just going no where special fast bartering the infinities while forfeiting our Republic once again for little gain.










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