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Apology to Dr Dion Dennis and CTheory website

Plagiarism is every editor's nightmare
- John Zakarian, editor, Hartford Courant

Carrie Twomey, editor • 2 October 2005

It has been brought to our attention that the content of Michael Youlton's articles, "The Times Are A-Changing, Part 1 & 2", were plagiarised from articles written by Dr. Dion Dennis: Katrina-Baghdad and The Christo-Terminator, published on CTheory website in August 2005. They have now been removed from the Blanket website.

We apologize unreservedly for publishing these articles.

The Blanket is a voluntary project that relies on those who write for it to stand over what they submit. The Blanket does not condone plagiarism in any form.

In addition to publicly apologizing to Dr Dion Dennis and CTheory website, we also apologize to our readers for our unwitting publication of the plagiarized material.

If any reader has concerns of any other instances of plagiarism in the Blanket, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately so as to redress the issue. If there is anything we have missed, we want to know about it so that it may be corrected.

Again, we offer our sincere apologies to our readers, to Dr Dion Dennis, and to the editors at CTheory website.



NOTICE: The Blanket does not condone plagiarism of any form and any submissions that are known to be plagiarisms will not be published; articles inadvertently published that are revealed to be plagiarised will be removed from the site. Anyone found from today on using plagiarised material will no longer have their work carried on this site.


































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The Blanket - A Journal of Protest & Dissent



The reason plagiarism is wrong in a newspaper setting is because as journalists and writers, we all have a duty to be truthful, honest and sincere. Our writing is set on an honor system. As editor, I trust that all my writers are being honest and using their own writing to express ideas in columns or from writers attributing sources in their stories. When this honor system is broken, my job as an editor becomes tough, as I must question each and every time a writer submits their work.
- Adam Crowson,
Editor-in-Chief, The Winonan

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6 October 2005

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Apology to Dr Dion Dennis and CTheory website
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