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ARN & Street Seen: End of Year Comments from Davy Carlin

Davy Carlin • 23 December 2004

Dear friends,

The end of the year for the Anti Racism Network started of as it ended with activists taking a firm stand against racist attacks and racism.

Through December we have seen the South Belfast association organising successful pickets high lighting the continuing issue surrounding Homefinders. In North Belfast the association organised a successful vigil highlighting the issue of the criminalising of asylum seekers at Belfast City Hall, while activists in West Belfast organised the second Love Music Hate Racism gig in Belfast. It was a case of standing room only - and we would like to thank the John Hewitt bar and open windows productions for all their support.

Friends the ARN has held mass rallies this year we have seen also responses by local communities in their hundreds mobilise against such attacks. We have also organised several pickets and vigils highlight the ongoing issue of the plight of asylum seekers as well as monitoring and lending support and advice to many - and much more. Although persons may be aware of the many initatives that the ARN have been involved in both through the media and through this network we in fact also deal with many individual cases of people contacting us looking support.

Friends we have seen even at the close of this year that the racist attacks still continue which makes it all the more important that we are as organised and ready for the coming year to continue to stand firm against the still racist attacks and racism - and in support and solidarity with the victims of them. We have done a lot of good and vitally important work, yet this is just the beginning. To that effect the ARN steering group shall be meeting shortly after the New Year.

Will be in touch soon, in solidarity,

Davy Carlin, ARN

Dear friends,

We would like to thank you for all your support for the Street Seen initiative taken recently to collect sleeping bags and warm clothes for homeless persons. The initiative itself was helped in part also by the large media coverage we got from the newspapers - radio and television as so to publicise and cover it. Although Street Seen is only on its second issue its print is 10,000 copies. The publication affords space to those who may not find space afforded elsewhere for their stories, poetry etc as well as providing an avenue for more established writers to put out their message.

The ARN has featured in the first two issues, with this issue having the centre pages on the ARN recent rally. The monies raised have already been poured into various initiatives in relation to providing education, support, information and solidarity to Homeless persons. Therefore the 'Street Seen Network' {Northern Ireland's own Homeless Newspaper} has already established many links around the North and the South with also interest abroad. So if you see it in towns and cities pick it up as it is a worthy read for a worthy cause.

This recent initiative was very successful and the sleeping bags etc are been distributed to those most in need. So once again thank you for all you support with a personal thank you to the Northern Ireland Anti Poverty Network for their additional help.

Davy Carlin, Street Seen




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23 December 2004

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ARN & Street Seen: End of the Year Comments from Davy Carlin
Davy Carlin

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