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Fraternal Parting

Davy Carlin outlines why he has resigned from the SWP

Davy Carlin • 27 October 2004

As so you do not hear it from a third party, I would like to inform you as a matter of record that from yesterday 27/10/04 I have resigned from the Belfast SWP. I do so with a fraternal parting. The decision was a decision that I came to myself and many knew it was coming.

My problem is not with comrades or indeed even with many of the issues that the SWP stand for, therefore I will still be an active supporter of them in Belfast, more so than any other Socialist organisation. In fact there will be little visual difference, but I will no longer be a member.

My problems stem from the issue of Democratic Centralism, and what I feel is a situation that has intensified to become a straight-jacket to my creativity and thought. In a sense, I had become suffocated. This has become more acute as I begin in my own head and through one's own life experiences to develop an understanding of the world that would not fit into such an unbending historical tradition.

I firmly believe that as the world changes, such organisations that hold such traditions need to also change to adapt to that changing world. This not only in the political sense, which many do, but also in the organisational sense. While many can find they can work in such circumstances, I have after much thought and reasoning have decided that I cannot. Therefore, from now on in, I am to be an Independent.

While in the Belfast SWP I have gained much experience; not only in the organisational side through being both a founding member of the Anti-War and Anti-Racism Movements in the North in recent times, but I have also been able to develop my own political understanding both internationally with going on protests from Genoa to Geneva, through engagement with organisations, political, community and trade unions, from across the local political spectrum and none.

With that I have come to my own understanding. While saying this, it is, as I state, a very fraternal parting and I will still be an activist within and around the Belfast SWP, with keeping that friendship. On many occasions I have found that such partings of ways are less than friendly, for me, though I did not want to see that, and we will not only work together but our friendships will remain.

So in conclusion, from now on in I am no longer a member of the Belfast SWP but an Independent Socialist, and a committed activist for change.

















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All censorships exist to prevent any one from challenging current conceptions and existing institutions. All progress is initiated by challenging current conceptions, and executed by supplanting existing institutions. Consequently the first condition of progress is the removal of censorships.
- George Bernard Shaw

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