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Report sent in by Fionnbarra Ó Dochartaigh • 22 August 2004

'White trying to air brush me out of history' - rages O'Dochartaigh
by Donna Deeney, Sunday Journal (Derry)

A feud has broken out between leading veteran republicans over allegations that Irish Army Captain, James Kelly came to Derry in 1969 to split the Republican movement.

Johnny White, OC of the Derry branch of the IRA in 1969 interrupted a meeting of the Captain Kelly Justice Campaign in July and claimed he had been offered £50,000 to kill six members of the IRA.

Republican and civil rights veteran Fionnbarra Ó Dochartaigh totally rejected Johnny White's claims saying he would have known about it, if the things Johnny White said, were true.

However, in a recent interview Johnny White stated that Mr Ó Dochartaigh wasn't in a position of leadership within the Republican movement and therefore would not have known about the meeting with Captain Kelly.

Fionnbarra Ó Dochartaigh slammed Johnny White's comments and accused Mr White of 'trying to air brush' him out of history, adding: "I was at the Army (IRA) convention in 1969 and was one of four representatives from Derry at the Ard Fheis in 1970.

"Johnny White was one of the other three and if he had anything to say about Captain Kelly he would have brought it up then. Not 34 years later,"

Mystified as to why Johnny White has, after 34 years of silence, suddenly decided to go public with allegations against Captain Kelly, Mr. Ó Dochartaigh added, "I was actively involved with the Republican movement and the civil rights movement from the outset and until Johnny White stood up at last month's meeting, I had never heard anything about payments being offered by Captain Kelly.

"Why didn't Johnny White make these claims when Captain Kelly was alive?

"You can't libel a dead person and if this was Johnny White's reason for waiting until now to speak, it is very ironic that someone, who describes himself as a Republican would hide behind a British law.

"I have spoken to other veteran Republicans about this, and none of them have any knowledge of it either.

"Johnny White had plenty of opportunities to make his allegations before now, why did he not say them at the time of the Dublin Arms Trial?"

Friend and Comrade

Mr Ó Dochartaigh said he was "saddened" to hear someone he had considered a 'friend and comrade' speak such calumny against Captain Kelly but added that if Johnny White's intention was to sabotage the Justice Campaign he had failed miserably.

The Civil Rights veteran continued: "His plan to wreck the campaign hasn't worked because there has been a huge increase in the number of people who have signed the petition since."

The Justice Campaign was set up by Mr. Ó Dochartaigh following the death of Captain Kelly in 2003.


Postscript: The Campaign Kelly Justice Campaign website (and on-line petition) can be accessed on

Paper petitions now available on request from


[1] Sunday Mirror - Exclusive by Michelle O'Keeffe - July 18, 2004

"An Official IRA source said the launch ended up like the Ard Fheis of 1969. He added: "Johnny White got up and made his allegations, but Johnny has not been well of late."

[2] 'White should explain' - letter to Derry Journal - published Friday following press conference of Fri. July 16th - the first anniversary of the demise of Capt. James J. Kelly

White Should Explain

I was not at the launch in the City Hotel of the campaign to clear the name of the Irish army officer Captain James Kelly.

However, based on press reports and word of mouth I was more than surprised to learn that Johnny White, IRA O.C. in Derry, made allegations he was offered a £50,000 contract to carry out a number of assassinations of IRA socialists.

I find this difficult to believe since it would have been hard to discover even one volunteer who would have understood what the word socialism stood for. I would ask Johnny if what he said was true why did he withhold this information until now, and why did he not alert A.S.U. * commanders at the time.

It would have been well known to him there were plenty of others who would have undertaken these assassinations for £50,000.

Maybe he would like to explain in detail this very serious allegation to what remains of his former comrades.


*A.S.U - Active Service Units






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