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No Victory More Sweet

'Some people believe football is a matter of life and death … it is much, much more important than that.' - Bill Shankly

Anthony McIntyre • Other View, Summer 2005

From I first watched Liverpool FC beat Linfield 3-1 at Windsor Park while still a child, I have had a sentimental attachment to both the team and the city that hosts them. When Liverpool became champions of Europe for the fifth time after a gargantuan struggle to overcome all the odds against AC Milan, I experienced a surge of joy I am no longer used to drawing from sporting events.

The club's victory put to rest the terrible ghost of failure and defeat that haunted the Kop from 1989 when it snatched defeat from the jaws of victory in the very last minute of the season by allowing Arsenal to walk off with the league championship. If there was ever a team that should have been willing to give all for its fans and a time to do so, it was the Liverpool team of 1988-1989.

In April of that year 96 fans were crushed to death in Sheffield during the semi-final of the FA Cup. It was a terrible moment which ruptured the emotions and ripped the joy from being a spectator. When the players failed to wear the shirt with the solemn determination expected of them, the loss of those lives seemed all the more meaningless. The passion of the fans was not returned in kind by performance on the field. The trophy did not belong to the players but the fans. The players let it go.

Each time I am in Liverpool, whether to watch a match or not, I visit the shrine to the dead fans at the back of Anfield. It is always poignant, bringing out the same emotions experienced when attending the resting places of dead republican comrades. As a result of the defeat at the hands of Arsenal, there is always a feeling of unfinished business. Next time I visit the shrine, and silently whisper 'rest in peace', I will come away thinking I have made a statement of fact rather than giving vent to a mere wish.

The business of bringing back Spartan resolve to Anfield was completed on a Turkish football field by the Liverpool team of 2005.
























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29 August 2005

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