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Adams Will Tell Bush He's Anti-War

Eoin O'Broin • 06.04.03

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams says he intends to make his anti-war feelings known to US President George Bush when he meets him in Belfast next week.

Mr Adams has expressed his opposition to the war in Iraq and described as insensitive, the decision to use Northern Ireland as a venue for the US-UK summit on the war.

Sinn Fein are encouraging anti-war protestors to travel to Belfast and show their opposition and Gerry Adams says he will make their position clear to Mr Bush.

"Well I`m very conscious that the calling of a summit on the war in Iraq is insensitive to Irish feelings in all of this and Sinn Fein is part of the anti-war movement. We`re for peace in Ireland, we`re for peace in Iraq, we`re for peace in the Middle East and I certainly will look for the opportunity to convey that when I speak to Mr Bush. I have no problem meeting him of course on the issue of peace in Ireland but I do see a contradiction in both the British and US position."













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7 April 2003


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