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Campaign for Noel Maguire


TJ O Conchúir • 8 March 2007

A Chairde,

I'm coordinating an effort with a few other comrades to launch an International Day of Action for POW Noel Maguire scheduled for March 30. We are trying to make this as big as possible and gain as many supporters which we will post on our website; we already have activists in six different countries behind this effort!

About two years ago when we were trying to reptriate Aiden Hulme, a number of us participated in the New Republican Forum-led international day of protest calling for Hulme's immediate repatriation. There were demonstrations in cities across the USA, Ireland and Britain. Not long after we saw Hulme's case resolved adequately. I believe if we all demonstrate on the same day across the world for Maguire that it could positively effect his case.

We are seeing a general upturn in the republican struggle in Ireland, as well as an increased refusal by the Irish government to repatriate Noel Maguire. This makes this an excellent time to launch this campaign and continue to energise the republican community; in particular we hope to draw in more independent and non-aligned republicans and republican socialists.

We are seeking your endorsement, and as many individuals and organisations possible to endorse this campaign. Everyone who signs up to it will be provided with literature for the day of international demo's so that we can speak in one unified voice. I will also issue a press release to demonstrate how many of us still stand behind the anti-imperialist political prisoners. We have nothing to be afraid of in taking part in this campaign; we are only demanding that Maguire be given his democratic rights afforded to many other prisoners before him.

Just to be clear so there is no doubt, I do not claim to speak for any of the POWs. However, following this letter is a statement from Noel Maguire expressing his support for this campaign.

Is míse le meas,

TJ O Conchúir
Irish Republican Socialist Movement
North American Coordinating Committee Member
Prison Welfare Officer

A statement by Noel Maguire

Friends and comrades a chairde, as many of you know already, my latest application for repatriation to serve the remaining years of my sentence in the country of my birth, has once again been refused by the Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform.

I am at a loss as to why the Dept continues to refuse me my rights. Under the European Convention on the rights of prisoners to serve their sentence in country of origin, I qualify on all counts. My wife and two young children live within an hours journey of Portlaoise and Mountjoy Prisons, and my brother, sisters, uncles and aunts all live within visiting distance. I have no relatives in Britain and I have not seen my children for six years

I have received numerous communications from the Dept of Justice - and the Irish embassy here - but at no time ever have I been given a clear-cut satisfactory explanation for my applications being refused.

Furthermore I am now informed I cannot apply again until January 2008. This is contrary to the legislation agreed my all EU member states - that a prisoner can at any time apply for repatriation to country of origin.

I am an Irish citizen, hold a valid Irish passport, and to all intents and purposes I qualify for repatriation in law. My co-accused have all been repatriated and I believe my continued detention here is victimisation - if not illegal.

I appreciate all that is being done for me outside these walls by good comrades and friends at home and abroad who believe my incarceration is a travesty of justice

Your campaign has my total support - and my thanks.

Noel Maguire
HMP Full Sutton, York.
YO41-IPS. 06.03.2007
























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14 March 2007

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