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Against Civilisation

'Hic Rhodus! This is the place to jump, the place to dance! This is the wilderness! Was there ever any other? This is savagery! Do you call it freedom? This is barbarism! The struggle for survival is right here. Haven't we always known it? Isn't this a public secret? Hasn't it always been the big public secret?' - Fredy Perlman

Seamus Mac An tSaoir • 31 August 2006

Anthony McIntyre's focus on the issue of an Islamic Civilisation as opposed to Western Civilisation misses the point entirely, in my opinion.

The 'expansion of democracy' is exactly what the ruling class have been doing, the oppressed don't want any further expansion. The Earth cannot tolerate any increase in 'democratic expansionism' as envisaged within the mindset of Civilising missionaries.

Western Civilisation has given us alot, genocidal rampages, Earth devastation, a world population in chains to money. Civilisation has brought us all these 'benefits' and the proposall from ex-revolutionaries is to expand these benefits? Surely, the struggle, that is so succintly outlined in Bobby Sands poem "The Rhythm of Time", shows the conflict very clearly. The conflict has always been between the oppressed and so called 'Civilisation'. 'Civilisation' is not a neutral concept, it is a method of organising society, it is the imposition of a way of life by a ruling elite, who always 'know best'. 'Civilisation' has always been about the project of hegemony and the imprisonment of life within its world view.

People across the globe are responding in whatever way they can to cope with this "Great Civilisation", whether rebelling or trying to escape it. The solution to authoritarianism is not to embrace and promote one form of tyranny over another but to be truly anti-authoritarian.

"Civilisation" is the core of the problem, whether Islamic or Western, "Civilisation" is the driving force of oppression it is based on the concept of expansionism and control as it aims to be the dominant and all encompassing way of life. No human freedom can exist within its orbit as every form of life is mere fodder to feed the all devouring ever expanding Empire of Civilisation. The crisis we are in today is due to the fact that the juggernaught we have been prisoners within is now on its last legs.

Irish Republicans, like any other revolutionary, must seriously consider the histories of Empires and Civilisations and realise that we are part of a global problem. The only solution to this problem is for revolutionaries to assist in the acceleration of the demise of Empire/Civilisation. It should go without saying that this does not mean its replacement with another Empire but an entirely different way of life. To continue with the disasterous path we are on is no option at all.

The tried tested and failed proposals to change Captains on the ship of 'Civilisation' has led to failure after failure. We must tackle the core issue. We must identify the enemy and go for it. The Irish struggle has generally been about this battle (conscious or not). As we clearly see, an Ireland run on the same basis as any other existing country within the orbit of Empire is no difference at all and not worth the life of one revolutionary.











































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10 September 2006

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