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RSF not involved in proposed 'Front'

Republican Sinn Fein Press Release • 1 September 2006

RSF not involved in proposed 'Front' -- should campaign for removal of test oath

Contrary to press reports in the past week Republican Sinn Féin was not invited to the recently postponed meeting of various groupings in Toomebridge, Co Antrim, nor has the organisation any intention of attending such a meeting.

A spokesperson for the proposed meeting who was named, stated that Republican Sinn Féin had been engaged in "remarkable cooperation [with such groups] for the past five years". This is totally untrue.

Further he did not declare a proposed attitude to the 26-County State which has been engaged in close collaboration with British rule in Ireland since its foundation. In the absence of a rejection of that state it must be presumed that the proposed "Front" will accept it, which is contrary to Republican Sinn Féin's basic principles.

A second spokesperson, who is anonymous, is quoted as wanting "a republicanism which is open, democratic and peaceful". By democratic do they mean in a 32-County sense? Republican Sinn Féin stands by the right of the Iris h people acting as a unit, to determine their own future with the British government gone from Ireland. We do not concede the Unionist Veto.

This second spokesperson appears to reject the right of the Irish people to resist English rule here. Republican Sinn Féin upholds that right.

The ÉIRE NUA programme with its maximum devolution of power and decision-making is much more democratic than any other proposals put forward by the British government or the political parties on either side of the Border.

The proposed "Front" seems to be composed of people who went varying lengths of the constitutional road with either the Provisionals or the Officials. They differ on basic principles and how can unity emerge from people w ho cannot agree on basics?

They propose to contest the local elections in the Six Counties, nominations for which requires acceptance of a political test oath. This precludes Republican Sinn Féin from entering the contest.

The "Front" would perform a useful service to democracy if they joined in a united call to remove this oath and campaigned for its abolition. The failed Anti-Partition League has been mentioned. Resurrecting it for a second time will lead nowhere and will just cause confusion.










































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10 September 2006

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