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Prison Fast


Republican Prisoners Action Group (RPAG) • 13 July 2006

On Friday 14th July 2006 Republican POW's both in Maghaberry and Portlaoise will hold a 24hour fast in protest against the regime in Maghaberry and the attempts to criminalise Republican Prisoners by enforcing sub-standard conditions on the segregated landings.

Republican POW's in Maghaberry have been engaged in a prison protest since 19th June 2006 and there are now over thirty POW's on the protest. They are fighting to improve conditions for segregated prisoners in Maghaberry who are in effect being punished for exercising their right to segregation from non-political prisoners. They are demanding that their 5 demands be addressed.


POW's in Portlaoise have been acting in solidarity with their comrades in Maghaberry during the prison protest and 19 POW's in Portlaoise will also be fasting on Friday.

The Republican Prisoners Action Group (RPAG) have been highlighting the worsening conditions that have existed since the implementation of segregation but our concerns were ignored by the prison service and others. This has led to POW's themselves embarking on a protest as they felt that this was the only avenue left open to them. This issue cannot be ignored any longer, it must be dealt with and these demands must be addressed.

Republican Prisoners Need Your Support • 10 July 2006, RSF Glasgow

The Francis Hughes Cumann of Republican Sinn Fein (Glasgow) gives its full support to the 38 Republican POWs in Maghaberry Prison who are protesting for better conditions and the restoration of political status. They are demanding: free association, an end to controlled movement, the right of access to full time education, a separate visiting facility and the right to organise their own landings. The POWs have made it clear that they will continue the protest until their just demands are implemented.

It is tragic that Republican POWS are forced to take on the British government because political status which was won by Bobby Sands and his nine comrades in the H Blocks of Long Kesh twenty-five years ago, has been removed under the terms of the Good Friday Agreement

In Glasgow thousands of people marched recently to commemorate the ten H - Block Martyrs who died in 1981 in opposition to the efforts of the British government to criminalise the Republican prisoners and the freedom struggle. Today the issues are no different and we call upon those same marchers and everyone who believes in justice in Scotland to support the campaign for the restoration of political status. Help to avert another tragedy and stop this latest attempt by the British government to brand "Ireland's fight 800 years of crime".

The mainstream media is deliberately ignoring the prison protest. You can help to break the silence by publicising the plight of the prisoners and by attending planned events in support of their just demands. For updated statements from the POWs and the Republican Prisoners Action Group, log on to the website of the Francis Hughes Cumann of Republican Sinn Fein at

Francis Hughes Cumann
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19 July 2006

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