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Protest Continues in Maghaberry


Republican Prisoners Action Group (RPAG) statement • 26 June 2006

On Monday 26th June 2006 Republican POW's in Maghaberry will begin the second phase of their Prison Protest and will be refusing to eat meals in their cells. The RPAG would like to stress that the POW's are not on Hunger Strike.

POW's on the Segregated wing are denied access to canteen facilities and are forced to eat meals in their cells in close proximity to the toilet.

This is a practical problem that we believe results from the policy of Controlled Movement enforced on the Segregated landing. This policy prevents any more than three prisoners being allowed out of their cells at any one time and requires a staff to prisoner ratio of 4:2 and 3:1. The RPAG consider that the policy of Controlled Movement is excessively restrictive and POW's will not tolerate these conditions any longer.

The Prison Protest began on Monday 19th June 2006 and will continue until the five demands outlined by the POW's are addressed.


POW's in Portlaoise Prison have expressed support for the Prison Protest and will begin a 24hour fast on Wednesday 28th June in solidarity with their comrades in Maghaberry. They have indicated that this will continue each week for the foreseeable future and in a statement issued from Portlaoise have called for support for the POW's in Maghaberry in their fight to win back Political Status.
























































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2 July 2006

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