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Letter to Bertie

The Michael McKevitt Justice campaign asks for your support; send a letter to the Taoiseach

Michael McKevitt Justice Campaign • 30 August 2006

Download, and post/email a letter to Irish Prime Minister (Taoiseach) Bertie Ahern.

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Department of the Taoiseach,
Government Buildings,
Merrion Street,
Dublin 2.

Dear Sir,

I wish to place on record my concern about the circumstances surrounding the arrest, conviction and incarceration of Irish citizen Michael McKevitt, which I believe to be unsafe and clearly motivated for political purposes by British Intelligence.

The conviction was secured on the word of a paid perjurer, David Rupert, under the direction of MI5 and the FBI. The conviction was also secured with the manipulation of the Irish judicial system by MI5 in which senior Garda officers were complicit in the framing of Michael McKevitt.

The trial of Michael McKevitt derogated from domestic and international standards on human rights and can only be likened to political show trials. The case of Michael McKevitt is unsafe and brings into complete disrepute the entire judicial system of the Irish State. It is imperative this injustice is righted.

Equally, it is imperative that answers must be sought to the following questions:

  • Who authorised MI5 and its agents to operate in the Irish State?
  • Who authorised the Garda Emergency Response Unit persecution of the entire McKevitt family including their three young children?
  • Why has an enquiry not been held into the serious allegations made by MI5 that Asst. Garda Commissioner Dermot Jennings sought to interfere with documents, relating to Michael McKevitt's defence?

The above matters are of grave concern; I trust you will address them immediately.

Yours faithfully,





























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